An exquisite chicken stock that contains the best spices and organic and ecological ingredients. This is a unique and original recipe from the BIOCOP brand and is characterized by the long cooking of the chicken and the fresh vegetables over a low heat for 3 hours to maximize its flavor and quality.

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    Traditional Chicken Stock from BIOCOP - 1L: chicken stock ready to consume.

    Traditional Chicken Stock from BIOCOP is a product ready to eat that is characterized mainly by having freshly harvested vegetables among its ingredients. This food is able to provide vitamins and minerals to your body in a way that is easier to digest, which is why it is considered a comfort food and is recommended as a home remedy for those who suffer from colds since it also contains arginine that helps us to maintain immune system working and the healing of wounds.

    Vegetables such as carrots, onions, celery and turnips provide benefits to help regulate acidity, prevent and combat constipation. In addition, the consumption of vegetables is related to a lower risk of contracting chronic diseases. It provides minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium that help to recover energies, even reduces pain and inflammation thanks to chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and other compounds found in chicken bone cartilage that play a very important role in the formation of healthy and strong bones.

    Traditional Chicken Stock from BIOCOP is seasoned only with Atlantic sea salt, which apart from giving a unique flavor contributes magnesium to the body, supplies minerals and regulates blood sugar levels and is also associated with improving the immune system and regulating the acids in the body and thus preventing colds and other discomforts.

    All the ingredients of this chicken soup come from biological agriculture also known as organic farming, which makes the most out of natural resources by being ecologically friendly and respects the life of the wild animal and plant species that coexist around crops, promotes health and improves food quality, and in this way supports the balance of the ecosystem.

    Traditional Chicken Stock from BIOCOP is as efficient as homemade stock, a product of the best quality.

    Facts of Traditional Chicken Stock from BIOCOP

    • Gluten-free
    • Sugar-free
    • Does not contain artificial preservatives
    • Keeps the immune system strong
    • Regulates acidity
    • Improves digestion

    Traditional Chicken Stock from BIOCOP is a stock that is cooked over a low heat for 3 hours and passed through a casting process instead of filtering, this alternative allows to preserve a flavor and texture of unique this brand. Once shaken it is ready to take and use it in your favorite recipes at any time of the day in your daily life, to support a healthy and delicious diet for the whole family.

    Recommended use: as a base in soups, creams, noodles among other recipes. Shake before opening and in 1 liter (1L) of water simmer for three (3) hours.

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