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Toothpaste Powder Lemon Perblan - 30 g

Toothpaste Powder Lemon Perblan from Biocop is one of the best options for oral health. Moreover, it is 100% natural as it is made with 7 medicinal herbs. In addition, it has Perblan as an active agent, which is eminently biodegradable. Furthermore, it is designed to have excellent cleansing and dermatological properties.

    Toothpaste Powder Lemon Perblan from Biocop

    Toothpaste Powder Lemon Perblan from Biocop is an excellent choice for those seeking a good oral health. Additionally, it is extremely original as it is a powder with extracts of 7 different medicinal herbs that strengthen and allow not only clean teeth but also keep gums in excellent condition.  On top of it, it contains natural aromas that give a pleasant sensation of freshness.

    First of all, it is a 100% natural product. Moreover, it was designed to have excellent properties both cleansing and dermatological, achieving a excellent balance in the oral condition. For this reason, it can be used by people of all ages: children, teenagers, young people and adults. Very sought-after by lovers of natural medicine as it is compatible with homeopathy. Among other features, its main active agent is Perblan, which is biodegradable as the rest of its ingredients. This product also comes inside of a  polyethylene container, which has been made biodegradable in order to have no impact on the environment. In general, it can be said that this product is a perfect and natural option that has a perfect effect on the health of people.

    The oral health is something of great importance for people. By and large, have the teeth healthy, white and in good condition not only allows us to show off a beautiful smile but also to feel confidence and have the self-esteem high. Therefore, this toothpaste is highly recommended as its formula does not only protects our teeth, but also our gums. In addition, it is 100% natural and made only with organic ingredients. This is due to its active agent, Perblan, which is eminently biodegradable as the rest of its ingredients. In this way, the final product is healthy, delicious and also indicated for those who want environmentally friendly oral solutions. Finally, it is a top-notch toothpaste that is an excellent alternative for oral health.

    Facts of Toothpaste Powder Lemon Perblan from Biocop

    • Perfect for an optimal oral health.
    • Made with 7 medicinal herbs.
    • 100% natural.
    • All its ingredients are biodegradable.
    • Its main active agent is Perblan.
    • In polyethylene container.
    • The best product for overall oral health.

    This excellent toothpaste allows you to have a perfect oral health. It manages to meet the needs of people in this area of health. Additionally, it is ecological, natural and biodegradable. It is a top-notch product in order to use for oral health.

    Recommended use: clean the toothbrush and shake to remove the excess water. Dip the toothbrush in the powder until a thin layer is created. Brush with vertical and circular movements.

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