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Toasted Sesame - 250g

Toasted Sesame from Biocop is a cereal that can be consumed as a food or as a seasoning, it has a high content of fiber and natural oils, it is made with 100% toasted sesame seeds from organic farming to be used in daily food to optimize health. Ideal for all those who wish to be on a healthy and delicious diet.

    Toasted Sesame from Biocop

    Toasted Sesame from Biocop is a natural product made up of sesame seeds that go through the process of being lightly toasted. So this product is free of cholesterol, becoming a healthy and nutritious food of high purity, quality and a rich flavor.

    By toasting sesame seeds at appropriate temperatures, the oils are activated, preserving their flavor and their emollient properties. In sesame seeds you can find both a highly appreciated condiment and a food with high nutritional value, a source of protein and a high fiber content, and Biocop offers you a product with the certification of organic agriculture because its cultivation does not use agrochemicals that affect the environment, therefore the health of its consumers and producers is protected by improving the quality of its products. They come in packs that protect the product and at the same time makes it quick and easy to consume.

    Toasted Sesame from Biocop is a rich source of protein, fiber, calcium and other minerals that provide great nutritional properties. Sesame seeds are delicious seeds. This is a cereal that has nutritional properties that when added to your meals make them a rich source of protein, unsaturated fats and calcium. With the intention that all consumers of the Biocop brand have a healthy diet, the company strives to present an excellent natural, aromatic, delicious and energetic product such as Toasted Sesame from Biocop. This is an ingredient very easy to add to meals and at the same time it is easy to incorporate into the diet, it can be an ideal ingredient for salads, as well as for main courses and even desserts. Do not forget to include this fabulous product in your diet, because in order to lead a healthy life you start with what you eat. What are you waiting to take the first step?

    Facts of Toasted Sesame from Biocop

    • Rich source of fiber
    • Contains calcium
    • Practical and attractive container, ideal to preserve and use immediately

    If you want to maintain an excellent health based on a rich and healthy diet, add to your meals a cereal high in fiber and natural oils, which you get with Toasted Sesame from Biocop, a product of high purity and excellent quality.

    Recommended use: it can be used as a seasoning or food. In preparations of cookies, cheese sticks, breads, added to soups, yoghurts, juices, in preparation of sauces such as tahini, to coat milaneses with breadcrumbs, medallions, sprinkled on salads, vegetables, or mixed with other cereals.

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    Puede contener gluten o trazas?
    2017-12-21 17:24:20 Adela Losa
    Hola puede contener Trazas : Altramuces y prod. a base de altramuces Trazas : Cacahuetes Trazas : Frutos secos con cáscara Trazas : Gluten Sésamo y prod. a base de sésamo Trazas : Soja y derivados. Un saludo
    2017-12-21 19:22:14 Beltran
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