Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop is a delicious coffee substitute based on cereals with properties of highest biological quality to prepare in conjunction with filter coffee makers. It can be prepared just like coffee or can be used to flavor desserts. Organic bio product.

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    Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop, the healthy and natural option to coffee to ensure good daily shape.

    Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop is made from cereal such as barley, rye and wheat, lightly toasted. All this comes from organic farming and professional and responsible agriculture, as any of Biocop products. Yannoh is an alternative to coffee with 0% caffeine included, with a very different flavor, but without any discussion about it, is a pleasant and delicious drink that you can enjoy in your spare time, or in the freshness of the morning, before doing your daily activities, without losing that natural touch that you are looking for to frame your fitness life and your good shape.

    Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop is the alternative to coffee that most resembles roasted cereals and chicory and chickpeas. The quality of the products from organic growing is very valued when it comes to knowing what is being consumed and the way in which the product was obtained, lets know that it is the most natural and possible vegetable, a unique organic bio product that will delight your palate. Replacing caffeine is a very important point in our lives, more than anything for those who drink coffee as a daily habit and caffeine consumption per day is very high. When looking for an ideal substitute that does not damage our health, Yannoh Lime is found, highly recommended for fitness and ecological people.

    Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop has a slightly softer flavor and goes a longer way than coffee, this is because the cereal grains are toasted at a low temperature. Its use is indicated to prepare easily in a filter coffee machine, in the same way in which the coffee is prepared. Not only you can it drink like coffee, it can also be combined with a vegetable drink, as you prefer. Finally, it can be used to flavor desserts.

    Facts of Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop

    • Substitute for coffee with the Yannoh Lime
    • Made from lightly roasted cereals, chicory and chickpeas
    • Organic farming product
    • Caffeine free
    • Easy preparation, for filter coffee makers
    • EU certified quality
    • Soft and delicious taste
    • Special ingredient to taste desserts

    Toasted Cereal Filter Yannoh Lime from Biocop is the healthy drink you need to spend your days without caffeine. The different flavor is just a matter of custom, so that Yannoh Lime becomes your favorite drink in the mornings and in your spare time. With the convenient format for easy preparation, you just need a coffee maker and you are done. Control what you consume by choosing quality products and organic farming, you know that all ingredients are natural, without any chemical subtances that threaten your life.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, prepare in the same way as coffee, and you can take it as such or with an extra vegetable drink. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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