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Thyme Infusion - 20 sachets

Thyme Infusion from Biocop is a pleasant ecological drink that will allow you to discover the pleasant and beneficial that is to drink thyme infusion. It has great properties to boost your well-being, as it is soothing, depurative, digestive and, to top it off, it is very rich in antioxidants and also has a delicious aroma and a mild flavor.

    The aromatic and pleasant Thyme Infusion from Biocop has extraordinary properties that will make you feel better.

    Thyme Infusion from Biocop is an organic drink containing flowers and leaves of the thyme plant. It is highly recommended to drink this delicious product hot and in order to appreciate how splendid this ecological herb is for everyday well-being. Apart from being very rich, mild and quite aromatic, also retains great properties, such as diuretic, very digestive, relaxing and of course, contains antioxidants.

    If you know about the benefits and pleasantness of Thyme Infusion from Biocop, you would not take any other drink based on herbs ever again, well, this one has everything you need to boost your well-being and feel very well every time you drink it. Generally, this infusion has been prepared with the leaves of the plant plus its violet flowers, however, in order to offer you a product much more suitable for your health, this pleasant infusion has been made using the herb harvested directly from nature, namely, from ecological fields that are completely free of toxic agents.

    A great advantage that you will find in this organic product is that you can enjoy a tasty infusion to tea time or when your body feels like it, in that way, it has a quite intense aroma, but very pleasant, in addition, we know that you will enjoy it as its taste is very mild, delicious and by taking it hot, it will do your organism good, giving it a splendid feeling of peace of mind, calm and relaxation.

    Moreover, Thyme Infusion from Biocop is known for being an ecological herb with large properties, such as digestive, due to its active components, therefore many people take it after main meals, such as lunch or dinner, and subsequently feel how well their digestion become a more enjoyable process, removing gases and optimizing the intestinal function.

    Moreover, this infusion equally has depurative effects and is very rich in antioxidants, so it stimulates the elimination of the accumulated toxins, combats very effectively the possible retention of liquid and contributes a lot that you can have a healthier body.

    Facts of Thyme Infusion from Biocop

    • Aromatic, mild and very pleasant infusion.
    • Depurative and rich in antioxidants.
    • Relaxes, calms and gives piece of mind.
    • Prepared only with natural herbs and free of pesticides.

    Having a cup of Thyme Infusion from Biocop is always a good alternative to assess all the qualities nature give us, for such reason, do not deprive of the pleasure of enjoying it.

    Recommended used: it is advisable to tip up the contents of one sachet in a cup with boiling water, wait 5 minutes that all this excellent herb is dissolved and enjoy yourself. You can add some honey if you like.

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