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Thyme Honey from Biocop is close to being the best of all. Its main objective is to give you, through its flavor, the most real and natural experience. There is no better way to taste honey than with a product picked directly from fields full of thyme plants. It gives off a unique flavor from the moment it touches the palate until it passes through the throat.

    Thyme Honey from Biocop is the perfect accompaniment to any recipe and appetizer.

    Thyme Honey from Biocop is a product made in an artisanal way, which gives off an exquisite fragrance once applied to food. It is an alternative more than excellent to accompany any recipe. The honey of thyme is a perfect fit in breakfasts, being the special complement of pancakes, bread rolls or cookies. Children love the sweet taste that this product leaves in their mouths. Once you pamper your whole family with this honey, you will not be able to stop buying it again and again.

    Honey can never be missing at home, especially in those days in which cravings are stronger than us. This product is made naturally, in the most traditional way possible. Regarding its consistency, it is thick and smooth enough to spread it on dishes of your preference. The mix of this honey with another product is an explosive combination. Thanks to it, you can prepare a wide range of recipes, from the simplest and most basic to elegant and succulent ones.

    Its formula does not contain sugars or artificial compounds. It is natural in all its aspects. And the best thing about an organic product is that you do not have to worry about abusive or harmful ingredients. Thyme honey is, in every sense, an incredible source of beneficial contributions to your daily diet.

    If you are a mother or father, it is very important that you know how good thyme honey is in the life of a child. It is a complete food, which is a very important category in the development of the little ones. Incorporate in your recipes this delicious honey, capable of leaving your personal touch in each recipe. Consume it in the mornings, evenings or at any time you want because it will always be well received. Your palate will thank you very much, especially if you accompany it with some delicious morning pancakes.

    Facts of Thyme Honey from Biocop

    • Excellent food supplement to start the day on the right foot.
    • Benefits your digestive system.
    • Made through 100% natural processes.
    • A product high in proteins.
    • This thyme honey is perfect for being spread on pancakes, cookies and bread rolls.

    Thyme Honey from Biocop can be used in various ways, both to make your recipes have a flavor more than exquisite or, failing that, you can spread it on bread, cookies, pancakes and all those snacks you like so much. It is an essential product that does not be missing at home, with which you can enjoy a delicious flavor that only this product can provide.

    Recommended use: you can spread it on different foods, be it biscuits, cookies, pancakes, cookies, among others.

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