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Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima - 75g

Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima from Biocop is a very useful drink, which keeps the mind concentrated, the body revitalized and a state of balance that other infusions do not achieve. It has calming and healing effects, useful for stomach problems, its properties have improved the health of many people.

    Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima from Biocop is an extremely natural tea that gives our body many benefits. It is a mixture of Japanese wild plants such as sinseng, orange, ginger among many others, many of the herbs present in this tea are rich in minerals and antioxidants, they contribute to maintain the concentration and combat the state of weakness. On the other hand, the composition in alkaloids of this amazing tea is very reduced, it also has practically no caffeine so if you have hypertension, you will not have the same side effects that you could get by ingesting another type of tea.

    Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima from Biocop is made with medicinal plants that help you strengthen your body and feel good about yourself in times of stress, fatigue or weakness. Traditionally in Japan, only women have drunk it, but it is for women as well as men. It is traditional of Japan, it is a combination of many herbs and spices and is widely used by the adepts of macrobiotics, it has a tonic effect, is the ideal activator for the obese, for poor circulation, problems of stagnation in general.

    Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima from Biocop is a very refreshing tea that has healing properties, is a drink that stimulates vitality, is effective to combat stomach viruses, to tone the blood, among other properties, is made with herbs and spices that play an important role in our organism, herbs are leaves or stems of low growing plants that can be used fresh or dried to flavor some culinary preparations, spices are spicy or aromatic substances obtained from dried seeds, fruits, roots, barks or leaves of plant, are used as additives to flavor, color or preserve food.

    Facts of Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima from Biocop

    • 100% Healthy.
    • Healing properties.
    • Refreshing.
    • Combat stress and nervousness.
    • Helps concentration.

    Tea Mu 10 Herbs and Spices Lima from Biocop is a tea that has some extraordinary properties, contains ginger, cinnamon to lose weight, angelica root, ginseng and clove, among other varieties. These medicinal herbs together increase their benefits in synergy, however if you consume them separately, you will not enjoy their properties. It is ideal to relieve the symptoms of cold, sore throat, among others, it is useful to combat joint pains and also to alleviate stomach problems.

    Recommended use: boil 1-2 tablespoons (a sachet) for 2 to 3 minutes in a liter of water and drink it when you are thirsty instead of water or some other drink.

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