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Tamari lima - 250ml

Tamari Lima from Biocop is an exquisite seasoning that provides your diet with an important nutritional value. This fantastic nutritional supplement made from soy of natural origin provides your preparations with the delicious Asian cuisine touch, enriching them with mineral proteins and trace elements. This great product from Biocop is free of chemical additives and artificial flavourings.

    Tamari Lima from Biocop, a fantastic seasoning that provides the exquisite traditional flavour of Japanese cuisine to your preparations. Enriched with an extraordinary nutritional value, providing your diet with an important dose of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

    Tamari Lima from Biocop is a delicious and nutritious nutritional supplement. Ideal to accompany the preparation of exquisite dishes with the unique Asian touch that everyone likes.

    This fantastic seasoning, developed by Biocop has been created thanks to the incorporation of components of natural origin in its composition, which has been made based on fermented soybeans through the action of Koji, a microorganism commonly used in the fermentation process of the food. The extraordinary Tamari Lima from Biocop is a 100% healthy food seasoning, totally free of chemical additives and artificial flavorings, so it can be consumed by the whole family without worrying about ingesting substances that may be harmful to the organism.

    This great product is the perfect seasoning to cook delicious dishes based on vegetables and greens and at the same time. Moreover, it is the ideal companion when preparing main courses made of meat and fish, providing the exquisite taste and the characteristic flavour of Asian cuisine. In addition, Tamari Lima from Biocop is used to flavour stews, prepare soups and season salads thanks to the fact that it helps to enhance the flavours of your preparations.

    Tamari Lima from Biocop is a highly nutritious product that provides extraordinary nutritional benefits to the preparation of your favourite foods. The unbeatable formula of this wonderful food supplement provides your food with an important protein value, helping boost the body energy levels. Additionally, Tamari Lima from Biocop is a fantastic source of indispensable minerals for the good operation of the organism such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

    Facts of Tamari Lima from Biocop

    • Formula based on 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality.
    • Ideal to accompany the preparation of your favourite dishes based on meat, fish, greens and vegetables.
    • Perfect for dressing salads and supplement the preparation of sauces and soups.
    • Extraordinary source of proteins.
    • Provides a significant dose of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.
    • Product with content of trace elements.
    • Does not contain chemical additives, colourings, or artificial flavourings that are harmful to the body.

    The extraordinary culinary supplement Tamari Lima from Biocop has an unbeatable nutritional composition rich in trace elements such as manganese, chromium, molybdenum and selenium, essential to promote some functions within the body.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, it is recommended to use the fantastic seasoning Tamari Lima from Biocop in the preparation of your favourite dishes, helping to maximize its flavour and providing an extraordinary source of proteins, minerals and trace elements.

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