Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop is a thick and smooth paste prepared from ground sesame seeds. This sesame product has good nutritional value, a very special flavor, can be spread, added to foods, used to make creams, sauces, hummus, among others. Made in the best way, easy to use, and from ecological origin.

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Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop offers a natural origin, a unique flavor and great results.

This is a very versatile paste, which has been made based on the whole sesame seeds. This product has a good nutritional value and can be used in vinaigrettes, hummus, desserts, for the preparation of creams, among many other foods.

Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop is a product of ecological origin, which stands out for how easy it can be used in the kitchen, for its unique flavor, its richness in nutrients and for the unique touch it will give to each of your dishes. If you want to take your meals, creams or desserts to the next level, then use this unique product made from sesame seeds.

It has been made from sesame because it has important amounts of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, selenium, iron and is a source of protein. This product is made by roasting sesame seeds at a very low temperature on a grill, then they are finely ground and 2% sea salt is added. It is done in this way to decrease moisture and obtain a much better flavor. Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop has been designed in a very special way, so that you can truly enjoy its nutritional value and all its delicious flavor.

This product is a paste that is highly recommend in the kitchen, as it will help you a lot in the preparation of delicious meals and desserts. This is a perfect product to spread, to add to vegetable pates, to add to desserts, to mix it with some cereal syrup, to make delicious creams, to prepare rich sauces, among many other uses. Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop is a product that will improve your recipes, will make you feel like an expert in the kitchen and has a special flavor that will please everyone. Do not wait any longer and put your culinary creativity to the maximum with this unique paste.

Facts of Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop

  • Contains sea salt.
  • Has good nutritional value.
  • A paste of great versatility.
  • Very easy to use in the kitchen.
  • Has an excellent and unique flavor.
  • Made from sesame seeds.
  • Perfect to spread or add to other foods.
  • Excellent to prepare sauces, creams, vinaigrettes, hummus, among others.

Tahini with Sea Salt Lima from Biocop is a very special product that will fill with flavor and give a unique touch to each of your dishes. It is an incredible product that will delight you with its flavor, it will make you look like a true expert in the kitchen and will completely enchant all your guests.

Recommended use: as a consumer product, use it to spread or for the preparation of creams, sauces, vinaigrettes, hummus, desserts, among many others.

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