Seasoning Sweet Paprika from Biocop is a product of ecological origin, used to enhance the flavor of the meals, adds color and flavor to the different culinary uses, especially Spanish, Hungarian and German cuisine. Ideal to be used in making delicious dishes both cold and hot.

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    Seasoning Sweet Paprika from Biocop

    Seasoning Sweet Paprika from Biocop is the powder of red paprika that goes through a process of drying and grinding. It is widely used in Spanish, German and Hungarian cuisine. It comes from a plant that is originally from Mexico, which was then taken to Europe and Morocco by the Spaniards who traveled America.

    This seasoning is made with peppers from organic farming to promote the health of those who consume it as well as to protect the environment. It is aromatic, has an intense red color and a pleasant soft sweet taste, which comes from the process to which the peppers are subjected. The product is packed in a practical and safe container that protects it so that it does not lose its aromatic properties, its color or its characteristic flavor. It is 40 grams of a rich product that will be used by those who love the art of cooking, enhance the color, flavor and aroma of their meats, sauces, sausages among others.

    Seasoning Sweet Paprika from Biocop is an internationally used ingredient that is added to the food to supplement or give it a special flavor. Each country or region has its characteristic seasoning, and this condiment is widely used in Spanish cuisine, in dishes such as the appetizing paella, octopus a la Galician, Asturian fabada or madrileno cozado, but also in Hungarian and German cuisine, or in the daily cuisine of different countries used as dressing or seasoning of different dishes in the globalized world. Its intense red color makes it an attractive ingredient in the preparation of some sausages, especially chorizo sausages, cevapcici, among others. It is a reliable product as Biocop ensures that it is certified organic food production, which makes it more palatable to be added to the various preparations with the confidence that generates consumption of a product that does not contain chemicals and has not been altered genetically.

    Facts of Seasoning Sweet Paprika from Biocop

    • Antioxidant benefits derived from lycopene.
    • Serves as a food preservative for a while.
    • Brings an interesting red color to the food and a characteristic flavor.

    By using this rich seasoning in your kitchen in both cold and hot dishes, you will be benefiting your health and giving your palate a wonderful taste.

    Recommended use: this seasoning is used in the preparation of meat, game birds, sauces, pastas, stews and fresh cheeses. In Spanish cuisine are the classic potatoes a la Riojan, the octopus a la Galician, the Asturian fabada and the stew a la Madrid. It is recommended to add the seasoning at the end of the cooking to maintain its fragrant aroma and its characteristic and incomparable flavor.

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