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Spirals Iris - 500g

Spirals Iris from Biocop is a special pasta made of durum wheat semolina, which is produced using a selection of the best seeds grown biologically, providing nutrients and minerals that are ideal for preparing dishes and favorite foods that please the whole family.

    Spirals Iris from Biocop is the most taste pasta that will fill your best dishes with taste and texture that will delight your palate, so you will be enjoying the best pasta.

    Spirals Iris from Biocop is made of durum wheat (Triticum durum) semolina using the best of the selection of high quality seeds from ecological farming where these grains are grown by the Italian agricultural cooperative, Iris, which are processed using traditional methods of ʺTrafilatura the bronzoʺ, which consists in passing cold paste in a bronze mould in order to obtain a rougher and more porous pasta that makes easier the absorption of sauces; which means that the drying is performed at low temperatures and longer periods of time in order to preserve valuable properties of the wonderful cereal.

    Spirals Iris from Biocop is characterized by being a pasta with high levels of vitamins and minerals, and also rich in proteins and with a high level energy that is ideal for the whole family, especially for athletes due to their high consumption of energy.

    Spirals Iris from Biocop can be prepared in an easy and fast way, so you can make a delicious food to delight all your companions in no time. It is worth mentioning that Spirals Iris from Biocop must be kept in fresh and dry place, with the precaution of keeping them away from the light, flour, rice and vegetables in order to maintain their rich and delicious flavor.

    Facts of Spirals Iris from Biocop:

    • It contains vitamins and minerals.
    • It contains gluten.
    • It is a product made of ingredients from biological agriculture.
    • It is easy and fast to prepare.
    • It is suitable for people of any age.
    • It is rich in proteins and fiber.
    • It is a rich source of energy.

    This pasta is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite sauces, meats and vegetables, do you follow? then, you should be picturing the pleasure and enjoyment you will get out of the most delicious and richest pasta you can find for sharing with the whole family the best food. So if you want to taste the best pasta, then buy Spirals Iris from Biocop now. Its quality is guaranteed! It is easy to prepare and suitable for all ages, so you can enjoy excellent meals rich in protein and fiber, along with your family and/or friends.

    Recommended use: as a nutritious food, put enough water to boil in a container over a high heat, add sea salt and when it breaks to boil add Spirals Iris from Biocop, mix and leave cook between 9 and 11 minutes, then add a glass of cold water, then drain and add a sauce of your preference, next fry lightly for about 30 seconds, and finally, serve and enjoy this rich pasta.

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