Spelled piadina from Biocop is a practical, thin and cooked dough, intended to prepare the Italian piadina ot a wide range of easy-to-make dishes that can help you have a meal ready in no time. Try this nourishing version that has been made with spelled flour, one of the most nutritious and delicious flours.

Spelled piadina - 225g

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    Spelled piadina from Biocop is a delicious dough ready to make the best piadina or to prepare very delicious, healthy and very easy to make dishes. Do not miss this wonderful, tasty product that is very easy to use!

    Spelled piadina from Biocop is a thin dough, already cooked, which has been made with spelled flour, one of the most nutritious and filling cereals.

    Prepare quickly an excellent piadina or use it to prepare delicious dishes fast, therefore it is ideal for making healthy meals in no time. In addition, this dough is made with spelled which is very nutritious and filling. It is a cereal that has proteins of high biological value, B vitamins and fiber. Therefore, it offers many food benefits, provides satiety and does not make you put on weight. All that makes this dough a healthy and excellent product to prepare at any time of the day.

    There is a classic dish you can prepare with Spelled piadina from Biocop, the original and classical Piadina made in Romagnola, one of the classic and more traditional foods in Italy. Use this dough stuffed with mozzarella, fresh cheese, varied sausages, ham and tomatoes. It is accompanied by green leaves such as those of the radicheta, basil, and tomatoes in olive oil. It is excellent for pairing with beer or with some kind of Italian wine of your preference. One of thge advantages of using this product is that you will prepare it quickly as it requires only a moment over the heat. It can be your secret ingredient to save face with others as an expert in the kitchen.

    However, that is not the only dish you can prepare using Spelled piadina from Biocop. It is a dough so versatile that you can prepare virtually any food with it. All depends on your creativity, and your ability to try new things. And you do not have to use too complicated stuffings. You can use gruyere and some kind of sausage such as the Iberian ham, or cheese, ham and varied vegetables to make a melted cheese, or create a delicious stuffing with chard, spinach, and pan-fried soy sprouts, which you use to prepare delicious and healthy rolls with piadina. The presentation may vary, as you can serve it as rolls (as if they were Mexican tacos) or as triangled snacks easy to consume.

    Facts of Spelled piadina from Biocop

    • Made of very healthy spelled flour.
    • Can be used to prepare piadina (very thin bread made in Romagnola) or a wide variety of dishes.
    • Helps you have a meal ready in no time.

    Spelled piadina from Biocop is a thin, healthy dough, which will facilitate your work in the kitchen. Use it to prepare delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare meals.

    Recommended use: dough ready to be used to prepare a wide variety of meals.

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