Spelt Muesli Maria Biscuit from Biocop is ideal for any diet. Its base ingredient is spelt, although raisins, apple pieces, hazelnut seeds and flakes are added to give it a taste and texture pleasing to the palate. Sugar free and low in fat. All ingredients are obtained from organic farming.

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    Spelt Muesli Maria Biscuit from Biocop

    Spelt Muesli Maria Biscuit from Biocop is perfect for flavoring the strictest diets. It consists of delicious sugarless cookies, made with spelt flour. In addition, they include raisins, apple pieces, hazelnut seeds and flakes. This combination results in a dessert of great flavor, quite exquisite, with low saccharide content and little fat contribution to the body.

    Without a doubt, it is great for those who comply with dietary guidelines intended to lose weight, to perform sports activities or for health reasons. Another advantage is that they have a high energy supply, which is why they are ideal for breakfast, snack and as a base for any type of cakes or desserts. Also, it is known that spelt has great qualities to satiate and calm the need to overeat, which prevents you from eating foods in large quantities that would trigger obesity processes. It is a sum of excellent benefits obtained from these biscuits, which are also offered at low cost and are 100% natural, with ingredients only obtained from organic farming.

    One of the difficult issues in dieting is that people should carry out a dietary pattern where snacks are scarce with a appetizing taste. So it is easy for them to fall into the temptation to break the diet with treats or similar foods. To solve this type of inconvenience, biscuits have been designed such as the one described herein. It turns out that Spelt Muesli Maria Biscuit from Biocop is so useful and requested. It has spelt as a base ingredient, includes other ingredients such as raisins, apple pieces, hazelnut seeds and flakes to give it both a flavor and texture that delights the palate. In addition, they are made with only ingredients obtained from organic farming, without traces of herbicides or pesticides.

    Facts of Spelt Muesli Maria Biscuit from Biocop

    • Ideal to accompany strict diets
    • Without any sugar content
    • Made with splendor as a core ingredient
    • Includes raisins, apples, hazelnut seeds and flakes
    • Low fat content
    • Easy to digest has an exquisite taste to the palate
    • Quality to satiate and avoid overeating

    These fantastic biscuits are the perfect supplement to any diet. They allow to have a delicious dessert, which serves to flavor the dietary pattern. In addition, they are natural, all its ingredients are only obtained from ecological agriculture.

    Recommended use: they can be eaten as desserts, being ideal as side dish. Also, it is recommended to consume first thing in the morning. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of its energy input for the daily work. They should be kept in a dry and cool place once uncovered.

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