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Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit - 200g

Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop, delicious biscuits made of spelt flour with chocolate chips, crunchy texture pleasing to the palate, enriched with minerals, proteins and fiber, therefore, it contributes to a good digestion, to prevent constipation and also helps to control obesity problems.

    Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop, satisfy the cravings between meals in a healthy and tasty way with this exquisite cookie.

    Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop is a food product of great quality when it comes to flavor and ingredients. By being made from spelt flour, makes this a cookie different from others; spelt is a type of wheat with more nutritional properties than common wheat, contains more essential amino acids than the latter mentioned, said amino acids must be acquired through food since the body does not produce them by itself; also has fiber, vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and essential minerals for the body such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and others, also has anti-inflammatory properties. These wonderful cookies offer its consumers a high nutritional level and a rich and appetizing aroma of bourbon vanilla, which can be taken anywhere due to its practical and convenient pack, thus supplementing the daily diet, without mortification or guilt.

    Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop because of its incredible formula, helps its diners to prevent or carry with more lightness diseases related to the intestinal flora, because, by containing fiber helps the digestive process and therefore to keep intestinal transit free, bringing satisfactory benefits to people suffering from this problem. In addition to this, it helps to improve your metabolism, nervous system and also helps people who are on weight loss diets to control it as it gives a feeling of satiety and satisfaction.

    Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop are perfect for anyone who wants to eat something delicious and sweet between meals, outside or apart from these, but without leaving aside the healthy and also bring health benefits. These wonderful cookies with incredible flavor represent a great source of energy, so it is recommended for sportsmen and/or athletes who perform exercises especially endurance in their routine or, for example, prepare for a marathon; it should be noted that after performing the routines or training the appetite is whetted, and what better way to satisfy that need than a delicious cookie, considering in advance the input that will have in your body.

    Facts of Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop

    • Excellent taste
    • Crunchy texture
    • Aromatized with bourbon vanilla
    • Easy to carry
    • Rich in fiber
    • Contains vitamins and minerals
    • Contains essential amino acids

    Choco Spelt Maria Biscuit from Biocop goes beyond a simple cookie with chocolate, offers satisfaction when eating, is ideal for anyone who requires a rich, healthy product and also can obtain the multiple benefits of this. The sweet touch you need!

    Recommended Use: eat as part of breakfast or as a snack.

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