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Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten - 33 cl

Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop is a beer ideal for drinking with a good bag of snacks, as it is nutritious and tasty, which makes it your best companion for virtually everything. Nutritious and top-quality, it is the most delicious homemade beer you can find. With 4.6% of alcohol and an amazing flavor.

    Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop, the exquisite taste of homemade beer and the qualities of spelled.

    Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop is a cold and delicious drink you will love. Enjoy a rich, delicious and cold beer that will nourish and make good to your body. Delicious, delightful and perfect! Spelled Beer B.Plankstetten from Biocop is the ideal beer for you!

    Spelled is an ingredient used since ancient Egypt and has been proven to be nutritious and an excellent ingredient to prepare homemade beer. Spelled has been used since Middle Ages and now Biocop has included it in its delicious Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop. Rich and full of flavor, it is a perfect and fresh beer you can enjoy without worry. Nutritious and delicious. The beer of your dreams!

    Delicious, refreshing and nutritious! Enjoy a rich beer and keep yourself well-nourished! Without problems, disadvantages, just a rich drink! This product made by Biocop contains spelled, a type of cereal with good nutritional value and that will fill you with energy at any time and place. Unlike traditional wheat beer, this one made of spelled contains many more proteins because it contains amino acids, which will provide your body with B vitamins, which are essential for your body. A rich flavor, and a rich nutrition!

    This is a beer that will quench your thirst, in any place and at any time you want. A nutritious and tasty beer. Cool your life and fill your palate with taste hand in hand with Biocop and its Spelled Beer b. Plankstetten from Biocop, a handmade spelled beer you can take at any place and time. Do not hesitate to drink the amazing beer that Biocop has prepared for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere! It is so delicious you will not want to taste beers from other brands!

    Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop is a beer that you can enjoy at any time. With a 4.6% of alcohol. You do not have to wait to be at home to cool off or run for some water! It is usually believed that beers are bad for health, which is not true, as this beer demonstrates the contrary by containing nutrients that help your body. And if traditional beers are nutritious, Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop is even more! Having a snack and not having a liquid to get rid of its taste can be a problem. But now you can take a rich handmade beer and enjoy its spectacular flavor. Nutritious, delicious, cold, refreshing and you can take it whenever and wherever you want!

    Facts of Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop

    • Contains folic acid and amino acids.
    • Low in calories.
    • High in calcium and silicon.
    • Has a delicious and irresistible flavor.
    • Has antioxidants, which produce stimulating and relaxing effects.

    Enjoy a delicious spelled beer! Cool your life with Spelled Beer B. Plankstetten from Biocop! Whenever, however and anywhere you want to drink a cold beer with a delicious flavor!

    Recommended use: drink cold, it can be with a meal or snack.

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