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Spaguetti Iris - 500g

Spaguetti Iris from Biocop is a delicious spaghetti made from durum wheat to prepare and eat with sauces, stews, vegetables or meats. In addition, it is rich in fiber and proteins to supplement a healthy diet and the best thing of all is that it is a much healthier food since it comes from organic farming.

    Spaguetti Iris from Biocop: a healthier and delicious alternative to enjoy with sauces.

    Spaguetti Iris from Biocop is a delicious precooked pasta based on durum wheat (Triticum durum, pasta wheat or macaroni wheat) and with a high content of protein and fiber to taste with sauces, vegetables, stews or meat and supplement an incredibly healthy diet. In addition, it is a 100% natural product for our consumption since its ingredients come from organic farming, perfect for eating and feeling good.

    Spaguetti Iris from Biocop is one of the healthiest spaghetti we can find in the market because it is made from durum wheat from organic farming, which is a natural ingredient that has a high percentage of protein and fiber to supplement an incredibly healthy diet. While other conventional spaghetti have a high content of calories, fats and carbohydrates, Spaguetti Iris from Biocop is indicated for our consumption since it is a very healthy food. Also, not only its nutritional value is an excellent reference to prefer it, because to accompany these rich spaghetti with sauces, meats, vegetables or stews is also a good opportunity to delight an exquisite dish.

    Other advantages of Spaguetti Iris from Biocop is it is a pasta that has been obtained under the traditional method of "Trafilata al bronzo", which consists in the cold pasta passing through different bronze molds with the aim of achieving a more rough and porous pasta, ideal to absorb the taste of the sauces and enjoy an exquisite meal. In the same way, spaghetti drying is carried out with low temperatures and long times so as not to damage the valuable content of durum wheat and, thus, offer us a very nutritious food. Anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious pasta dish hand in hand with Spaguetti Iris from Biocop, without a doubt, will be incorporating a food of matchless quality into their diet.

    Facts of Spaguetti Iris from Biocop

    • Precooked spaghetti made from durum wheat semolina
    • Rich in protein and fiber
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Helps to supplement a balanced, healthy and natural diet
    • Of rough and porous consistency that absorbs the exquisite taste of the sauces
    • Comfortable container of 500 g very easy to prepare

    Spaguetti Iris from Biocop is the perfect solution for those who love pasta and well-being, therefore, they should not hesitate to buy it to include it in the pantry and enjoy it whenever they want.

    Recommended use: boil water (1 L per 100 g of pasta) and when it is hot add sea salt and pour the pasta. Cook for 9-11 minutes and once cooked add a glass of cold water and put out the fire. After a few seconds, drain on a colander and add sauce to taste. Keep in a cool place, away from light and legumes.

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