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Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig - 100 g

Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop is a delicious new drink prepared exclusively for you to enjoy a refreshing drink that is very similar to coffee in terms of flavor and aroma, but, of course, much healthier and milder, since it has no caffeine, fats, lactose, much less artificial sugars.

    Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop is a healthy drink that can be the substitute for coffee.

    Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop is very perfect to replace coffee, because it is made from very ideal organic ingredients, precisely, to offer you a pleasure similar to drinking coffee, but without giving up sleep hours since this rich product has no caffeine at all, is also low in fat and free of lactose, so it can be taken by children. To top it all off, it is very easy to prepare; its flavor is very rich, its texture is creamy, and its aroma reminds of coffee.

    This rich powder mix known as Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig is the perfect drink for you to get rid of the disadvantages of drinking coffee, plus it has a similar mega delicious taste, an incredible consistency, and a fascinating aroma, but without detracting from your well-being since it does not have any amount of caffeine. In addition, all the ingredients of this product are splendidly roasted and malted, so it has a very special taste that you will truly love.

    Particularly, this product is composed especially of the chicory plant, also of the rich fig fruit and a tasty variety of very peculiar cereals, such as malted barley and rye. For that reason, although it has a flavor very similar to coffee, likewise, it retains the taste of its ingredients, so when you drink it, you will notice the of the cereals, the sweet of fig and the bitterness of chicory, in fact, this is even more positive than you think, as, in this way, you can offer this mega delicious drink to your whole family, including children, who like it a lot.

    On the other hand, the delicious Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop is incredibly healthy, starting because it has no fats, chemical sugars, or lactose added, on the contrary, it maintains very generous nutritional properties, since the amounts of cereals along with the contents of chicory provide this rich drink with a good percentage of fiber, energy, minerals and vitamins.

    In the same way, Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop is a superbly digestive drink thanks to its amount of chicory, and luckily, you can drink it at breakfast, or at snack time, accompanying it with any appetizer or food you want, for example, some delicious cookies, muffins, cakes, sandwiches, toast, waffles and much more. Some prefer it cold or hot, but it can also be liquefied.

    Facts of Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop

    • Powder to prepare a drink that is perfect as substitute for coffee.
    • Tastes similar to coffee, but gives off flavors of cereal, fig and chicory.
    • Creamy, brown, aromatic and very appetizing.
    • Provides energy, without taking away your sleep, lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
    • No fat, lactose, industrial sugars or caffeine.

    Nobody likes to lose sleep hours. Go for milder and healthier options as it is the case of this divine product, so you can enjoy every day a great drink without caffeine that tastes like coffee.

    Recommended use: in your favorite cup or in a glass, put some of Soluble Cereal Mix with Chicory and Fig from Biocop, and then add water, milk, or vegetable drink to taste and stir vigorously. Drink it hot or cold, at breakfast, at snack time, or the hours you usually drink coffee.

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