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Spelt White Bread - 400g

Spelt White Bread from Biocop is a food whose ingredients come from organic farming, which helps to conserve the nutrients that our body needs. It is ideal to prepare breakfasts rich in protein, carbohydrates and fiber, either sandwiches, tapas or toast with the filling or dressing of your choice.

    Spelt White Bread from Biocop: soft, fresh and delicious flavor in each loaf.

    Spelt White Bread from Biocop is made with ingredients from organic farming which means that they are organic and for that reason they provide endless benefits for health, in addition to having a delicious flavor. Consuming the amount of proteins and carbohydrates needed at breakfast is essential to provide energy to our body for the development of daily activities, with a few loaves of this delicious bread you can prepare breakfasts such as sandwiches, tapas or toast, full of nutrients. It is also a long-lasting food that is characterized by a smooth texture and a delicious flavor that will delight your palate in every bite.

    It is not necessary to eliminate foods from our diet; on the contrary, maintaining a varied and balanced diet helps us to accustom our body and assimilate it better, provided that it is in the indicated proportion. Spelt White Bread from Biocop is a delicious food ideal to prepare toast, sandwiches either for snacks or breakfast, as it is delicious, soft and fresh, so it will give your meals a touch of great taste. This long-lasting bread is made with sunflower seed oil, which contains a large amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary for our body and on the other hand, it has a high content of proteins, minerals, and trace elements in relation to bread made with wheat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since with it we recharge our body of energy to function in daily activities, for this reason, providing the body with the necessary dose of carbohydrates in the morning is essential for everyone, including the smallest of the house. Spelt White Bread from Biocop is ideal to make delicious sandwiches, tapas or toast with the filling of your preference, since the texture and flavor of each loaf will make you want to eat it every day.

    Facts of Spelt White Bread from Biocop

    • 63% content of spelt flour, a cereal with numerous health benefits due to its high content of fiber and vitamins.
    • Ingredients from organic farming.
    • Easy digestion.
    • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber and trace elements.

    Spelt White Bread from Biocop is a delicious version of bread to enjoy during your meals, which is full of health benefits and provides the body with energy.

    Recommended use: ideal to consume at breakfast, as toast, sandwich or snacks to prepare tapas.

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