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Soda Cola Classic Naturfrisk - 25cl

Soda Cola Classic Naturfrisk from Biocop is a non-caloric carbonated refreshing drink with barley malt flavor and cola aroma obtained with the mixture of spices, and sweetened with sugar cane. A natural, refreshing and delicious way to accompany all your favorite foods.

    Soda Cola Classic Naturfrisk from Biocop, what is tasty is natural.

    Soda Cola Classic Naturfrisk from Biocop is an ideal product for all those people who want to enjoy the taste and the natural at the same time. It is a drink made with carbonated water, sweetened with sugar cane and with a scent of cola that is obtained from the mixture of different spices; thus being an organic and refreshing product. To satisfy your palate and obtain its balanced flavor, barley malt is added, which in turn gives the drink a striking golden shade. This product is presented to the market in a recyclable glass bottle, which can be stored at room temperature and cool in refrigerators to be consumed at cold temperatures.

    If you are one of the people who want to lead a healthy and natural lifestyle, but you need a little more flavor in the drinks that accompany your food, our Soda Cola Classic Naturfrisk from Biocop is the solution to all your problems. The flavor and organic have come together to bring you this delicious drink ideal to accompany all your meals, maintaining your lifestyle without sacrificing the routine. We are talking about a cola drink that does not contain caffeine or added sugar, a product of organic farming and which gives it that naturally sweet touch that your day needs.

    This drink is made with carbonated water, sugar cane, barley malt, citric acid, cola seed and various natural spices that offer your daily diet the most delicious natural supplement. All the ingredients used in its preparation are of natural origin, so the taste and color may vary slightly. It is important to note that the product may contain gluten traces. This soft drink has become the best option you can find in the market if you are looking for a sweet touch without the added sugars and chemicals that negatively affect your body so much. A healthy alternative to your guilty tastes and pleasures that will help you continue to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

    Facts of Soda Cola Classic Naturfrisk from Biocop

    • Refreshing carbonated drink, with a scent of cola obtained from the mixture of spices and sweetened with cane sugar.
    • Product with natural ingredients.
    • Free of caffeine.
    • From biological agriculture.
    • Recyclable glass bottle.

    The best way to accompany your meals is with this natural and delicious version offered by Naturfrisk. This organic cola flavored soda will become your best option to add a touch of flavor to your diet. Discover the taste of nature!

    Recommended use: this drink is ideal to take it cold as refreshing or as a companion to your meals.

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