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Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap - 100 g

Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop is the most recommended product to wash your hands, as it has active, moisturizing and natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, moisturizing oils and nourishing glycerin, which provide your skin with smoothness, hydration and better appearance, and at the same time, cleans it perfectly.

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    Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop cleans your hands leaving them very smooth and ultra-hydrated.

    Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop ensures every day the impeccable cleanliness of your body and the care of your skin, because it is made of aloe vera, essential oils and natural orange fragrance, which hydrate very deeply, stimulate cell renewal, provide smoothness, eliminate impurities, and leave a fresh orange aroma. It is a bar soap that acts in a healthy way on your hands, since it does not contain parabens, colorings or artificial ingredients.

    Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop has a high concentration of natural and/or organic ingredients to promote a fantastic hygiene on your skin, starting its innovative and abundant organic contents with aloe vera, which is a plant very famous for having magnificent regenerative and moisturizing properties on the dermis. In addition, aloe vera makes the skin look younger and more moisturized, thus avoiding dryness, tightness and cracks due to the great daily wear to which the dermis is subjected.

    This nice bar soap has nourishing glycerin and natural oils that remove all the impurities that accumulate in the different layers of the skin, and, of course, provides an amazing amount of bubbles and a lathery sensation ideal to wash hands, leave them clean and, finally, to enjoy an incredible sensation of smoothness, mainly, to appreciate well-being when using this very fabulous bar soap. In fact, it has the aroma of tropical oranges, ripened by the sun, which give that touch of refinement, delicacy and exquisiteness to the skin.

    Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop can be used by everyone at home because its shape is ideal for an excellent grip, making it easier to be held without slipping due to contact with water, this bar soap is even very comfortable for the small hands of children, which is a great advantage for them to also enjoy all the cleanliness, hydration and delight that this organic product of the Urtekram brand provides. To top it all off, it has no parabens, no artificial colors for a very splendid protection of the skin.

    Facts of Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop

    • Moisturizes very deeply and collaborates with adequate cell regeneration.
    • Cleans the skin providing it with smoothness and exquisite aroma of oranges.
    • Contains no parabens or toxic ingredients for the health of the dermis.
    • Forms a very nice lather.

    The skin of the hands is a living organism (contains blood capillaries, nerve endings, sweat glands, hair follicles, and other structures), therefore, it requires special care. To that end, you must ensure its adequate cleaning with excellent products like this supreme Urtekram Aloe Vera Bar Soap from Biocop, so you can enjoy its hygienic, moisturizing and regenerating properties, plus its delicious aroma.

    Recommended use: with wet hands, take this excellent soap and form a lather to your liking, then rub your hands together, spreading the lather, then wash with plenty of water and finally, dry with a towel.

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