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Shower Gel Roses Urtekram - 500 ml

The best cosmetic product that exists when it comes to take a shower. This gel is undoubtedly one of the best that exist in the market because it gives many benefits to your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The brand Urtekram has done a great work in making this gel for you to enjoy it.

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    Shower Gel Roses Urtekram makes you enjoy a shower like never before.

    Taking a shower is the most suitable way for taking care of your whole body. And with the help of this shower gel you can achieve it, as with each use your body gets many benefits you will enjoy, for example, your skin will be more shining, moisturized and very smooth, plus you will get impregnated with a very sweet smell of roses. Thanks to the combination of all its components your skin will get a very nice look.

    Its sweet smell of roses will make your shower time a pleasant moment that you have never experienced before. It will give you a very good feeling of tranquility so after finishing your shower time you will feel more quiet and relaxed than with any other product of its kind.

    In addition to an aroma of roses, it also contains the aloe vera and vegetable oils, which will produce very positive effect on all your skin and those other people who live with you. Yes, you are that lucky! Buy it today.

    Facts of Shower Gel Roses Urtekram

    • Suitable for any skin type.
    • Very sweet aroma of roses that will make you enjoy the shower time.
    • It is the most used natural and ecological comestic around the World.
    • The more you use the more benefits your skin gets.

    This product is made entirely with natural ingredients, so you are not going to run the risk of being affected with side effects. Urtekram has considered a lot this point so that you can enjoy this gel the best possible without any concern. We hope you indulge in giving the chance of using Shower Gel Roses Urtekram this day.

    You will enjoy it so much that you will make us run out of supplies. Don't believe it? once you notice and feel the results and effects on all your body and have the best time in the the shower, you will realize we meant it.

    Recommended use: this product can be used by children from 5 years and older people at home. Recommended to be applied using massages, so its components penetrate the pores and thus the effects will begin to be felt. It can be used on all parts of the human body, as it is a product made only with natural ingredients, including the most important one: aloe vera.

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