Good personal hygiene is very important in our life. Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop was developed with the intention of providing our body with an impeccable cleanliness. It is a gel inspired by your bathroom routines, also able to hydrate your skin and impregnate it with a delicious aroma.

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Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop is the best ally when it comes to taking a shower.

An ecological product that harmonizes bathing hours. Its effectiveness has been proven by experts who shown that the skin is the most benefited part with every use of this product. In fact, once you incorporate Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop into your daily showers, the results will be increasingly better, therefore your skin will look amazing. In the same way, with a constant application, your skin will look even more radiant than in any previous day. Thanks to this product, you will be able to obtain the desired shine and naturalness on your skin.

In addition, thanks to its convenient dispenser and its mode of use, you will not want to stop using it. With this product, you enjoy its ingredients, which were selected thinking of providing your skin with the best properties. Brown sugar, for example, is one of the most outstanding ingredients in this shower gel. It is a moisturizing source par excellence and leaves a very smooth finish on the skin. Therefore, Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop is a product that also offers oil and lavender extract, which further promote the level of hydration in the skin.

Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop allows one of the dreams most people have come true. As it is known that at least nine out of ten people have at some point of their lives desired to show off a healthy and smooth skin. With this gel made by Urtekram, dreams come true. Now, your friends, your couple and even your oldest daughters and sons, can use this incredible product and thus be able to show off a much more radiant skin. The truth is that taking care of yourself and having the desired skin is not easy, but thanks to Urtekram and its shower gel, that goal loses its degree of difficulty.

After the daily application of this gel, showers become the best time of the day; where you, in the company of your Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop, concentrate solely and exclusively on the tranquility of the moment.

Facts of Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop

  • A product of vegetable origin.
  • Promotes a correct hygiene.
  • Gives complete hydration to the skin.
  • Contains brown sugar for a better hydration.

Urtekram Fair Trade Brown Sugar Shower Gel from Biocop is one of the best body cleaning agents on the market. In addition, its effects take no time to be noticed. Check the great results of this bath gel and change your routines for more refreshing and healthy.

Recommended use: use in the shower when the skin is completely wet. Deposit the contents in a bath sponge or a small towel, and begin to rub the product on the body to lather. Wash out again with water until all traces of gel are removed and then dry.

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