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Shea Butter Urtekram - 140 ml

Shea butter is a moisturizing balm used for many years by African women for its protective and healing properties, perfect for dry or sensitive skin and can be applied to the lips, face, nails and even hair to give it nutrition and repair the split ends.

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    Shea Butter Urtekram - 140 ML - Care for dry or sensitive skin.

    Shea butter is an extract of nuts from the African shea tree, whose name means "butter tree" and although the substance extracted from this fruit is popularly used in the continent as part of its recipes, it is more popular worldwide thanks to its cosmetic properties as it protects the skin and hair against dryness.

    Shea Butter Urtekram is a highly recommended butter to combat skin aging as it stimulates the metabolism of cells and prevents wrinkles. It also protects the skin from the aggressions caused by the weather such as cold, wind, salt water, damages caused by UV rays and prevents sun erythema. This is why many choose to use it in their trips to the beach and the pool, where in addition to protecting their skin while sunbathing, shea butter helps prolong the tan for longer.

    This is a great natural product, BIOCOP ensures that 99% of its ingredients come from organic farming, so it provides the best quality and at the same time collaborating to protect the environment and fauna, since the product is not tested on animals (Cruelty free). Shea butter is also ideal for removing scars such as those caused by acne, and is safe to use during and after pregnancy to prevent and reduce stretch marks. It is even recommended to treat dermatitis in babies caused by diapers. It is a natural product that can be used by the whole family, hands down!

    The benefits of Shea Butter Urtekram from BIOCOP extends to hair care, as it allows you to restore shine and condition to dry hair, serves to combat split ends and keeps hair protected after damage such as dyes, hair straightener use or having the hair permed. It is also ideal as a lip gloss because it keeps them hydrated and prevents them from cracking or irritating due to cold or excessive heat. And for the gentlemen's face, it can be applied after shaving to prevent irritation. 

    Facts of Shea Butter Urtekram from BIOCOP

    • Hydrates and protects dry or sensitive skin.
    • Prevents and softens stretch marks.
    • Combats aging.
    • Heals minor irritations.

    Shea Butter Urtekram from BIOCOP is perfect to incorporate into everyday life, adding to the routine of beauty after showering or before going to sleep and start enjoying the many benefits it brings to the skin as it is quickly absorbed without leaving greasy traces, it also nourishes and protects the scalp, helps to have healthy and strong nails and combats those calluses or hard skin that usually appear on the elbows or heels.

    Recommended use: as a mask for the body, face or hair.

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