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Semi-integral Spelt Spaghetti Iris - 500g

Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop is a perfect product, delicious and unique of high quality, rich flavor and able to respect the environment, has spelt as main ingredient. This delicious pasta is produced with the traditional method of "trafilata al bronzo", making this spaghetti to obtain a better absorption of sauces.

    Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop, perfect and delicious, able to make your mouth water naturally.

    Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop is a top-notch spaghetti with a very delicious and nutritious flavor, which can be accompanied with different types of sauces or different types of creams to their own taste, giving it a much more wonderful taste and worthy of being enjoyed only by you or with your whole family (and even with friends). This rich spaghetti made of semi-wholemeal flour is perfect for all types of people such as sportsmen and athletes, children, youngsters, adults and others who want to enjoy the delicious taste of a healthy and nutritious spaghetti like this great product that has been made with semi-wholemeal spelt flour traditionally in the style of "trafilata al bronzo" (which makes easier the absorption of sauces), giving us the wonderful benefits of spelt.

    Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop is made with a wheat species called spelt (or by its scientific name: Triticum spelta), which brings us a lot of benefits as it is high in protein content and has a high biological value with amino acids, among its amino acids is lysine ( which is a little scarce in other cereals), contains a great source of minerals and vitamins, mostly those of group B (such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12) and also vitamin H (or otherwise known as B8). Spelt has a slightly sweet taste and is very similar to walnut, is more soluble in water and easier to digest than wheat, and although it does not have the same amount of gluten unlike other types of wheat, it is not suitable for cephalic persons. Its main nutrient are carbohydrates although it provides fewer calories than conventional wheat flour.

    Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop is a delicious and very nutritious pasta, capable of giving us great benefits to our whole organism, keeping us healthy through its taste so delicious and so natural. This spaghetti can be accompanied by various sauces or various creams (the one that best suits your taste) that you can prepare at home without any problem, so you garnish and enjoy that wonderful dish of spaghetti with a lot of flavor, either just for you or with your family and friends.

    Facts of Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop

    • Offers the benefits of spelt.
    • Has gluten, egg and soy.
    • Perfect for vegetarians.
    • Perfect for sportsmen, athletes and more.
    • Made with spelt from organic farming.
    • Can be accompanied with sauces or creams.
    • Excellent quality.

    Semi-wholemeal Spelt Spaghetti Iris from Biocop contains gluten, egg, egg products, soy and all its derivatives, besides there is also a great variety of forms of spaghetti (including spirals). This wonderful product can be consumed by vegetarians without any problem.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, add 500g of pasta in 5 liters of water and add a pinch of salt, boil for 8 to 9 minutes and then drain (add sauce or cream to taste).

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