Seasoning Powdered Cinnamon from Biocop is perfect for those who like to enjoy the taste of cinnamon in their recipes and regular meals. In this case, it is a powdered cinnamon obtained by means of ecological farming techniques, that is, without use of chemical substances or genetic manipulation. This guarantees that it is 100% natural.

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Seasoning Powdered Cinnamon from Biocop

Seasoning Powdered Cinnamon from Biocop is excellent for anyone who likes to use cinnamon in their dishes and recipes. In addition, it is offered in a pack that allows to sprinkle the powder of this seasoning with great facility. To this it is added that this container is hermetically sealed and has an EU eco-certification seal.

The latter means that the content is obtained only from the so-called cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) and that this plant organism is also grown in a natural way using organic farming methods. For this reason, it is guaranteed that this excellent cinnamon has no traces of chemical components derived from the possible use of pesticides, herbicides or some type of fertilizer. To all this is added that it has an intense flavor, ideal to be used in desserts, cookies, drinks or snacks of any kind. There is no doubt that this cinnamon is one of the best on the market, it is extremely fine and does not leave a bad taste on the palate. For all the reasons previously outlined, it happens that it is recommended to buy Seasoning Powdered Cinnamon from Biocop and to enjoy to the maximum its fantastic qualities.

Cinnamon is often used in many ways. For example, pieces of the bark of the cinnamon tree are often used to make infusions. Another way to use it is to grind this crust until obtaining a fine powder to sprinkle on various ingredients, beverages or foods. The latter is the way this product is offered. Ideal for making desserts, such as a coat on cookies, donuts or various types of bread. Cinnamon gives to the meals a flavor that at the same time is sweet, somewhat spicy, appetizing and exotic. Likewise, it has a very characteristic aroma. People love it and a great way to try it is thanks to the product Seasoning Powdered Cinnamon from Biocop.

Facts of Seasoning Powdered Cinnamon from Biocop

  • Made with raw material obtained from the cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
  • Ideal for flavoring beverages, coffees, teas
  • Perfect to supplement desserts: cookies, cakes, etc
  • Excellent aroma and flavor
  • An extremely fine powdered cinnamon
  • Raw material obtained from organic farming
  • No traces of chemical components
  • Does not include preservatives
  • 100% natural and healthy

Cinnamon is an ingredient that gives food a fantastic flavor. In this case, it is a completely natural cinnamon, without chemical additives of any kind and obtained from trees grown using ecological farming techniques.

Recommended use: excellent cooking seasoning, extremely versatile. Keep in a cool, dry place, well ventilated and away from light sources and heat. Keep container tightly closed.

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