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Seasoning Black Pepper - 35g

Seasoning Black Pepper from Biocop is perfect for making the best recipes. It is a marinade very used since antiquity. They have a spicy taste and an extremely strong aroma, both being ideal qualities to enhance your recipes. Therefore, it is widely used. In this case, a fully natural product is offered.

    Seasoning Black Pepper from Biocop

    Seasoning Black Pepper from Biocop allows you to have one of the most used ingredients in Spanish cuisine. Widely known for being extremely aromatic and enhancing the flavor of any recipe, giving a mixture of exoticism and special flavor. It should be remembered that this condiment is obtained from the plant known by the scientific name Piper nigrum, whose fruit is a drupe that is ground and converted into marinade when it is collected halfway through its ripening.

    In meals, it is recognized by the fact of being spicy, which occurs due to the compound called piperine, contained in this plant. It is very important to know that the pepper loses flavor and aroma if left exposed to the weather once collected. For this reason, the product described herein comes in a hermetic-sealed container that prevents its contents from losing their properties. To this it is added that it must be placed in a cool and dry place, away from the direct sunlight. It is an excellent alternative that allows to prepare true gastronomic wonders that delight the palate.

    Black pepper has many beneficial properties for health. It has antioxidants, helps remove fats, relieves symptoms of colds and respiratory diseases, benefits skin health, is a natural antibacterial, prevents fluid retention and is a very good natural cough remedy. In addition, the taste qualities that it gives to the meals make it a seasoning of first quality, widely used in several recipes and gastronomy around the world. In this case, Seasoning Black Pepper from Biocop is offered as a 100% natural marinade. It is obtained by means of organic agriculture, which guarantees that it is free substances such as pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Therefore, it is widely recommended.

    Facts of Seasoning Black Pepper from Biocop

    • Extracted from the Piper nigrum plant
    • Tastes great and is very aromatic
    • In sealed container to avoid losing its properties
    • 100% natural and with its taste intact
    • Obtained from organic farming
    • No traces of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers
    • With ecological certificate of the European Union
    • Ideal for the gastronomy in general
    • Guaranteed quality

    The use of black pepper in cooking recipes is quite old, so a tradition has been formed around it. To that effect, this product is offered to allow you to enjoy it and use it easily in the kitchen.

    Recommended Use: keep in a cool, dry place, well ventilated and away from light sources and heat. Keep container tightly closed.

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