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Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel - 22g

Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop contains milk and a delicious filling of sweet cream made of hazelnuts to enjoy at any time of day, especially for the snack in your breaks or as a sports supplement. This chocolate samba bar contains 100% biological ingredients.

    Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop: the alternative to the snack with rich chocolate flavor with hazelnuts.

    Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop is a delicious chocolate bar with high energy values for healthy nutrition in case of snack or sports performance, as it provides extra energy to the body. Its ingredients are 100% biological, like all "bio" products from Biocop. Chocolate comes from cocoa (organic farming), which means it does not contain any kind of chemical preservative that generate harmful effects to the body. Along with chocolate, it is combined with sweet, skim milk to eliminate bad fatty acids and, in conclusion, lower saturated fat levels and prevent cholesterol increase.

    Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop is sweetened with whole sugar cane, crystalline and filled with hazelnut cream producing a delicious taste to the palate of anyone, from children, youngsters and adults. The true hazelnut flavor comes from the very best in organic farming, with a fine and soft texture so that each snack has the taste of chocolate and milk with hazelnuts, making it an ideal snack for walking and spare time, as well as be for snack at school or in the office. It is a supplement to look for extra energy in athletes.

    Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop is made with a process as natural as possible, and with a good amount of carbohydrates, which is transformed into all the energy necessary to be your favorite snack at the time of activity and constant movement. Chocolate keeps us alert and its rich taste benefits the palate. The hazelnuts give an extra touch of flavor making it a samba type chocolate.

    Facts of Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Chocolate bar with crystalline wholefood cane sugar
    • Organic farming ingredients
    • High energy value for extra energy
    • Filled with sweet cream of hazelnuts, samba type
    • Fine and smooth texture
    • Appetizer for any time of the day
    • Certified quality product

    Samba Chocolate Bar Rapunzel from Biocop is a rich snack for people who want to sweeten their day with a rich chocolate milk that not only serves to eliminate hunger, but also has everything necessary to activate the body, providing large amounts of energy using natural source carbohydrates, since all the ingredients come from the agriculture that only Biocop can deliver. Biocop is a company specializing in bio food, for people who care about what they eat, and to protect fitness life.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, eat at any time of the day. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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