Salvaslip Normal Naty are exclusive protectors to be placed on women's underwear, ideal for daily use since they are absorbent, breathable and soft to the skin. In addition, they are made with 100% natural, biodegradable materials, free of chlorine and perfume, so they are perfect for those women who want to feel safe.

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Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop: absorbent and breathable daily protectors for feminine intimate protection.

Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop are exclusive daily protectors, ideal to be placed in women's underwear and, thus, enjoy an excellent freshness feeling since they are perfectly breathable, very absorbent and soft to the skin. In addition, they are made with totally natural and biodegradable materials, free of chemical agents and plastics, so they are perfect to feel safe throughout the day.

Biocop, always at the forefront, constantly promoting what is healthy for our organism while preserving ecosystems, presents on this occasion, the new Salvaslip Normal Naty, which are positioned as the best daily protectors for female intimate hygiene because they are natural and superbly gentle on the skin. The top cape of Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop is made from wood pulp, which gives it a spongy, quilted texture, very absorbent and comfortable. Also, the lower cape of the protectors are made from a film of corn starch, which makes it resistant to liquids and breathable to the skin.

One of the most positive aspects of Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop is that they are made with totally natural materials, from organic, renewable and biodegradable crops, so they do not negatively affect the environment, in the same way, this excellent advantage guarantees that Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop is ideal for women who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials and, in this way, feel equally fresh and safe throughout the day. Additionally, to all the benefits mentioned above, Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop comes in a practical presentation, with a perfect size to protect the underwear, at the same time, they have an adhesive band to achieve a safe fit in the underwear, providing greater freedom of movement that any woman requires to fulfill her daily routine.

Facts of Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop

  • Protectors for daily use for female intimate hygiene
  • Absorbent and breathable
  • Soft to the skin
  • Offers a very adjustable normal size
  • Free of chlorine or perfume
  • Made of natural and biodegradable materials
  • Made from products from organic crops
  • Practical and attractive container

Salvaslip Normal Naty from Biocop are the best protectors of women's underwear that can be obtained in the market since they are 100% natural, soft to the skin, absorbent and breathable. When using them every day, you will notice the difference. Ideal for always being well-groomed and at the same time they are extremely comfortable and delicate to the skin.

Recommended use: for daily use, stick to underwear. Change whenever you want.

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