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Salmon Fillets - 195 g

These exquisite Salmon Fillets from Biocop should be part of your daily menu. Well, it is a very tasty food that has among its properties an extraordinary nutritional contribution, which includes fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins. In addition, this product takes care of your diet healthily, since it is obtained, by hand, from extractive fishing.

    Salmon Fillets from Biocop is a delicious premade food to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal, with a touch of olive.

    Salmon Fillets from Biocop is made by hand, with the richest, freshest and juiciest salmon meat coming from Canada. This product is preserved naturally in olive oil, therefore, its flavor is mild, delicious, and completely ideal to eat it in countless ways, whether accompanied, with salads, rice, pasta, vegetables, and more.

    Salmon Fillets from Biocop is very delicious, so as not to waste time in the kitchen, and indulge in eating a delicacy without so much complication. In that sense, it is a product that comes ready to eat, and very well filleted, so that you only have to serve and eat it the way you really want.

    This food consists of tender and valuable fish flesh, for that reason, this product is the favorite of many people, and they take delight in combining its taste with different gastronomic dishes. From a simple, steamed rice, to a good salad, with all the delightfulness of this salmon.

    Some exquisite salmon fillets never go out of style, since they will always be beneficial to your table and diet. Such fish is very rich nutritionally, you can find good fats such as omega 3 and 6. In addition, it is an excellent source of proteins, has a high biological value, which is very common in blue fish.

    As for vitamins and minerals, Salmon Fillets from Biocop has vitamins A, D, and B vitamins, as well as magnesium, iron and iodine. These nutrients, apart from improving certain vital functions, are also fundamental to supplement your diet.

    The succulent and very appetizing Salmon Fillets from Biocop is waiting for you to take advantage of all its nutritional richness. Moreover, something that will fascinate you is that this product is 100% extracted from traditional fishing (directly from the sea). Therefore, the fish is obtained is fresh, without being processed, so, it is of premium quality. In fact, this helps you to take delight in a product that is superbly sustainable, and always related to the good care of your health.

    The good thing is that this food is preserved in its own juice and with a little olive oil. Instead of using artificial additives, these natural fillets of salmon are kept at their most natural state, with a touch of that oil, which does not go unnoticed by any palate.

    Facts of Salmon Fillets from Biocop

    • Obtained thanks to traditional, ecological and sustainable fishing.
    • Preserved naturally in olive oil.
    • Abundant in protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
    • Its flesh is pink, juicy, fresh, and very exquisite.
    • Ready to eat and feel delighted.

    Save yourself from having to wash, prepare and cut fish. Buy Salmon Fillets from Biocop, so that everything is easier for you. You will know that eating organic salmon is the best thing you could do.

    Recommended use: enjoy these rich and nutritious salmon fillets, accompanied by salads, rice, pasta, vegetables, sauces, etc. Also, you can eat them with bread, cookies, crackers, that is, to the appetizer style. Keep it in the refrigerator.

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