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Wild Rocket Sow Geo - 1.5 g

Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop are wild rocket seeds that are ready to be planted, which is why they were obtained through organic farming. After being planted, these seeds end up coming into large dark green leaves which can be eaten, being particularly delicious for preparing salads.

    Biocop brings to you wild rocket seeds easy to sow and when the its leaves come out, you will have at your fingertips a source of vitamins and minerals.

    Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop are seeds of wild rocket ready to sow that have been obtained by organic farmers using eco-friendly production methods. They come in an airtight container to ensure their preservation and prolong their germination and strength. These seeds produce a variety of wild rocket (also known as arugula) with a very concentrated flavor.

    Wild rocket has been used as a medicine and in cooking for many years. In fact, it is one of the ingredients used by chefs, but acquiring it on the market can be very expensive. The special Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop is a faster and fresher way to grow wild rocket at home, without the use of chemicals, therefore they will grow under healthy conditions. You can sow them in the garden, in a flowerpot or on the balcony of your house. The leaves of this plant are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, proteins, vitamin B6, amino acids and minerals. It is convenient to sow some once a week or every two weeks to have a constant supply of such leaves.

    Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop are seeds easy to plant. During germination, the leaves need the soil to be moist, fertile, and free of chemicals. The roots of wild rocket are not very deep, so there is no need for them to be in a large or deep container. These seeds are tiny, so you must be careful when sowing them very deep. Wild rocket can grow well in a soil that is well drained, using a combination of nutrients before sowing. The leaves taste sharp and peppery when young and succulent but become bitter with age, so do not wait too long to pick them. Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop are seeds that will germinate well within a year after having bought them, if properly stored in a cool and dry place.

    Facts of Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop:

    • Wild rocket seeds ready to sow.
    • From organic farming.
    • Very easy to grow.
    • Rich source of vitamin C.
    • They come into dark green leaves.

    It is the fastest and healthiest way to eat wild rocket leaves, growing them at home and thus avoiding the use of chemicals. Wild Rocket Sow Geo from Biocop is perfect for anyone who wants to have a regular supply of leaves for using it to prepare delicious recipes.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, sow from March to September on well-fertilized soil. When sowing in September it can resist the winter in the soil. It requires frequent watering. Pick the leaves and enjoy delicious salads.

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