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Rosemary honey - 450g

Rosemary Honey, a crystalline nectar to consume every day, made by bees from fresh and fragrant rosemary flowers, providing a wide variety of medicinal uses with which you and the whole family can enjoy an unparalleled vitality. It recharges these energies and significantly reduces fatigue to face everyday responsibilities.

    Rosemary Honey, an aromatic and revitalizing elixir brought from the comb.

    Make use of all the variety of medicinal properties that Rosemary Honey brings to you, its warm aroma and sweet flavor make its digestion pleasant. Ideal to start your mornings in an active and healthy way, enjoying all that nature can provide.

    Ideal to combat fatigue; If you have felt very tired after a long day of work, home and other responsibilities, Rosemary Honey is an ideal ally due to its high content of Lithium, an active and effective component that helps us deal with mental disorders, depression and other common mental illnesses, in turn, is very rich in natural sugar that also allows us to combat body fatigue by providing energy and good mood whenever we need.

    With this divine and aromatic elixir you can also enjoy your meals with greater confidence due to its gastroprotective action, which helps us to better evacuate our food naturally, which makes it a perfect digestive ally when we have a voracious appetite and want to taste without No remorse. Its sweet and divine taste makes the Rosemary Honey an ideal companion for meals and drinks, besides protecting our stomach from constipation, its natural sugars are easy to digest for our body, which makes it a perfect ally for those affected by intestinal problems.

    Health and quality in one product! Give your family and other loved ones the opportunity to live a full and healthy life thanks to the attributes or medicinal properties that Rosemary Honey can offer, ideal for children and adults, do not wait! They will thank you. You can perform better during the day to give you and your family the well deserved happiness.

    Facts of Rosemary Honey

    • Effective as a digestive.
    • Helps combat stress and physical fatigue.
    • Natural sweetener.
    • Ideal as an expectorant.

    A delicacy of nature with which you can accompany meals and drinks, if you are well your family members will be too! Happiness comes from within and for this a good diet and good care of our body is crucial! So do not wait any longer and begin a new life.

    Recommended use: the most optimal and recommended way to keep honey in its best condition is keeping it in an environment between 10 and 20 °C. Sunlight can also damage the honey so it is recommended not to leave it exposed, honey crystallize with the passage of time, returning it to its liquid state is simple, just by immersing the container tightly closed in boiled water, keep it in a container or a tightly closed container.

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