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Seasoning Oregano - 20g

Seasoning Oregano from Biocop is a product designed to dress and give a special flavor to salty foods. It also provides a lot of health benefits, since it contains nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and fiber and vitamins A, B6, B9 and K, which play important roles in vital functions of the body.

    Seasoning Oregano from Biocop, rich source of vitamins and minerals.

    Seasoning Oregano from Biocop is a high-quality product made to give a special touch to your salty foods. In addition to being low in calories, it contains lots of nutrients essential for the operation of the human body. Seasoning Oregano from Biocop inputs calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, fiber and vitamins A, B6, B9, K, so its consumption is ideal to avoid certain disorders and keep the body balanced. This product will be a great ally in cooking, as it will season your meals in a great way and also will benefit everyone who consumes it.

    There is nothing better than enjoying all the meals because of their tasty flavor and seasoning, and at the same time they be healthy. Seasoning Oregano from Biocop makes this possible, since it impregnates salty dishes with an exquisite taste, in addition, it is very low in calories and contains a great variety of nutrients that benefit to us when ingesting it. Dry oregano is commonly used as a seasoning and provides the body with nutrients such as calcium, which helps improve the health of our bones; iron, which is recommended to avoid iron deficiency anemia; potassium, which contributes to good circulation and regulates blood pressure; zinc, which facilitates the storage and accumulation of insulin; fiber, which helps to improve intestinal transit.

    It also contains a large variety of vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, B9 and K, which play an important role in fulfilling vital functions such as preventing eye and heart disease, is also recommended for pregnant women, because of deficiencies of vitamins during this stage of gestation, and finally is beneficial to the circulatory system and correct blood clotting. Seasoning Oregano from Biocop will not only help you improve the taste of your meals, but it will also benefit when you consume it, so you must include it in your diet.

    Facts of Seasoning Oregano from Biocop

    • Provides essential nutrients
    • Helps improve bone health
    • Collaborates with good circulation
    • Facilitates the storage and assimilation of insulin
    • Improves intestinal transit

    Delicious and healthy cooking is easier when you have Seasoning Oregano from Biocop in the kitchen as it provides essential nutrients and a delicious flavor to salty foods. This is one of those products that can never be missing in your kitchen, with it you will manage to flavor your food to the point that is exquisite to the palate. It is ideal for all those people who eat healthy but at the same time want their dishes to have a wonderful taste.

    Recommended use: to flavor salty foods.

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