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Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea - 75 g

Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop comes from Japan, made from roasted leaves which are selected from the harvest that is made in the fall. It has a delicious aroma and flavor that you can enjoy as you see fit and whenever you want. This green tea is a stimulating drink to be taken in the summer or winter.

    Have you tried Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop? If it is "no", what are you waiting for? This drink is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, plus, it has a delicious and mild flavor.

    Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop originated in Japan. It is made from roasted leaves of the best quality, with a sweet flavor and pleasant aroma to satisfy any nose and/or palate, even the most demanding ones. This tea can be prepared hot or cold, this will depend on how you want to drink it. On the other hand, this Japanese drink does not contain gluten.

    One of the beneficial properties contained in Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop is that it acts as a good antioxidant, which prevents the rapid aging of our body, which is very advantageous because you can always look radiant and in good shape. Another of its properties is that it helps the body to avoid the accumulation of gases, which often causes discomfort that turn out to be very unpleasant and painful for all people, in the same way, it also helps reduce abdominal swelling and other digestive problems.

    Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop also helps burn calories, but in small quantities, which benefits people who take it because it allows them to regulate their weight a bit. Furthermore, this tea is also advantageous for our brain, helps lighten all our thoughts, offering us the improvement of our memory and intellectual capacity. This wonderful drink helps us to stay alert, but in a relaxed way, because it contains L-teamida, which is an amino acid that has relaxing properties.

    Facts of Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop:

    • Toasted tea.
    • Has a sweet taste.
    • Does not contain gluten.
    • Rich in antioxidants.
    • An excellent tonic.
    • Has a pleasant aroma.
    • Has low levels of theine (caffeine present in tea).
    • You can drink it as you wish, cold or hot.
    • The ingredients used for its preparation come from organic farming.

    The pleasant Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop can be consumed by any kind of people, whether men or women of any age. This tea has very good properties that bring great benefits to our health. It comes packed in a plastic wrap that is very convenient to open and also contributes to keep its contents fresh and dry.

    Recommended use: water should be boiled and pour in a cup, after that, add one (1) spoonful of the extraordinary Bancha Lima Roasted Green Tea from Biocop. It is recommended to cover the cup and wait for five (5) minutes. You can add honey, milk, among other products, according to your taste. You can drink as you want, be it cold or hot.

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