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Rice Toast - 130g

Rice Toast from Biocop are an exquisite, crunchy and light brown rice toast to eat on their own or with any recipe of your choice. Prepare them with spreads, sauces, stews or as an appetizer, perfect to make a good impression on your guests, in addition, they are superbly nutritious and healthy, perfect to taste.

    Rice Toast from Biocop: crunchy, light, nutritious and natural to serve with any food of your preference.

    Rice Toast from Biocop are crunchy and light brown rice toast, perfect for eating on their own or accompanied with any other food of your choice, either spreads, sauces, vegetable mince, even to prepare appetizers and more. It is an alternative that you must taste and, even more, when your guests arrive and you want to offer them the best banquet. In addition, these rich toast will not make you look bad, because they are magnificently nutritious and natural.

    Having a rich toast is a must that every good host should have at home, they are the perfect to eat with spreads, sauces or any other recipe and give the guests a moment of pleasure. However, when it comes to rice toast the delight and the advantages are even greater, since Biocop has made an effort to make the best toast based on brown rice from organic farming to bring to the table a magnificently natural and healthy product.

    The best of all is that by being a rich organic rice toast, they also retain even more nutrients, so you not only have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a delicacy of flavor but you will be taking care of your body and supporting a rich and balanced diet. Eating Rice Toast from Biocop is a unique experience because they are a rich source of fiber, therefore, when consuming them you will be able to enjoy a pleasant sensation of satiety, likewise, they are very good for your digestion. On the other hand, rice toast is a source of natural energy, so you will feel vitalized during the day and, to top it off, they contain vitamins and minerals, typical of brown rice, ideal for eating and ensuring proper maintenance of your organism.

    Facts of Rice Toast from Biocop

    • Light and crunchy brown rice toast to eat on their own or with spreads.
    • Of exquisite taste that everyone loves.
    • Rich in fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals.
    • Perfect for a balanced, healthy and natural diet.
    • Ingredients from organic farming.

    With the help of these delicious Rice Toast from Biocop you will not have to dig into the kitchen when your guests arrive at home, on the contrary, they are so practical that you only need to take them from their pack and start eating. A very positive aspect is that they are incredibly crunchy and of exquisite texture, with the added advantage of being very good for everyone. And if you want to eat them on their own when you like, they also become a tasty snack.

    Recommended use: eat these rice toast either on their own or with spreads, sauces, stews or any other recipe of our choice. Keep in a dry and cool place.

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