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Rice Drink Vitariz - 200 ml

The wonderful Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop is an exquisite rice drink that pleases a lot for its powerful capacity of digestion, since it does not have lactose, gluten, sugars added, fats and is rich in fiber, for that reason, it is very light and tasty, in addition, it is extremely nutritious, since rice gives this fantastic organic drink a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals.

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    Esta suculenta Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop is the most digestive, creamy and super nutritious vegetable drink of all.

    This rich rice drink produced by Vitariz is a delicious vegetable drink that is commonly known as "rice milk", precisely because it is made completely with the magnificent cereal, rice, without adding sugars or lactose, it is also a super light drink, since it is digested in a very pleasant way because rice is a cereal that does not have gluten, and top it all off, it stands out for being very rich in fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals.

    Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop is naturally sweet, therefore, many people love to drink it as a healthier and more digestive alternative to whole milk, in fact, it is a vegetable drink that has no lactose, gluten, or fat, as well that when drinking it, your body absorbs it and digests it very fantastically, without feeling any discomfort and without detracting from the supreme quality of your diet.

    As for the nutritional richness of this divine rice drink, there is no doubt that this product is the most nutritious, because, rice is a very generous cereal, since it provides infinite amounts of fiber, so, if taken during fasting, lunch, snack, dinner, or at any other time, this gives you interesting qualities to improve your digestion incredibly, apart from being ultra-satiating and super accommodating, unlike other drinks or "organic milks" which are very poor in fiber.

    Also, the succulent Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop also brings a lot of vitality, since the carbohydrates of rice are digested slowly, providing energy throughout your day. In the same way, the rice drink is very rich in vitamins and minerals, essentially, vitamins B, E, A, and substantial minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, among others.

    In this way, Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop constitutes the best drink from the nutritional point of view, especially, for those who are on a restricted diet or do not want dairy supplements. In addition, it is one of the most appetizing drinks so far, which was achieved by using cooked rice, conserving all its sweetness, its creaminess, and its appetizing color, as white as milk itself.

    Facts of the divine and nutritious Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop

    • Drink made with cooked rice, of ecological origin.
    • Sweetened only with what rice provides.
    • Does not have lactose, gluten or sugars added.
    • It is energetic, satiating, and super abundant in vitamins and minerals.
    • It is creamy and very delicious.

    Fortunately, the exquisite Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop comes in a great presentation, which, you can drink several times or serve several people, and even then, you will have a drink to enjoy in different opportunities, therefore, acquire your own Rice Drink Vitariz from Biocop, and in this way, become a follower of the vegetable world.

    Recommended use: keep this succulent drink away from the sun and high temperatures, it is preferable that you keep it in the pantry, and once opened, keep it in the fridge. Drink it on its own, or, at snack time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or when you feel like it, whether hot or cold.

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