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Rice Drink with Choco Vitariz - 1l

The tasty chocolate joins in perfect harmony with the properties of rice. This drink is ideal for the whole family, not only for its excellent and delicious sugary taste, but for its properties. It is a vegan drink. For its ingredients and qualities it becomes a good option for those who want to have healthy sugar levels.

  • Lactose FreeLactose Free
  • VeganVegan

    Rice Drink with Choco Vitariz from Biocop, the perfect and ideal combination for the whole family.

    People intolerant or allergic to milk can enjoy without fear, since it contains neither milk nor lactose. The sugar is sweetened with it is integral, extracted from sugarcane. The rice used to make it is of Italian origin, of the highest quality. On the other hand, the little salt that it contains comes from the sea, low in sodium.

    As part of its ingredients, this drink contains cocoa and cocoa butter, taking a lot of benefits to our tables. In addition to its taste, cocoa gives this rice drink a creamy texture. This ingredient is known for being an excellent antioxidant, which help in great manner to have a very good cardiovascular health. Rice Drink with Choco Vitariz from Biocop is free of dairy products, making it source of nutrients for those who are allergic or intolerant to milk, gluten or lactose. It is a vegan or vegetable alternative, even more popular than drinks made of soy and almond. The used in its production provides fiber and is easier to digest than others grains.

    In addition it also contains less fat. In this case, the fat provided comes from oil of sunflower seeds and cocoa butter. Its fat has vegetable origin instead of animal, so it is not saturated and provides many nutritional benefits, even for the skin and digestive system. Among its ingredients, it is sea salt, which provides magnesium and other minerals essential for a good health, as the sodium chloride, which produces important acids for a good digestion. In addition to its quality, this type of salt helps strengthen the muscles and nerves, and promotes growth.

    Facts of the quality and delicious Rice Drink with Choco Vitariz from Biocop

    • Its ingredients are of high quality and from biological origin.
    • It is a product that is low in sodium.
    • It is a product free of lactose.
    • This drink is made with no gluten at all.
    • It is an excellent source of fiber.

    Each one of the ingredients of this delicious drink provides the consumer's health with evident benefits, mainly because its origin is biological. The health of the whole family will be favored by its abundant benefits. It turns out to be an alternative ideal for allergic people and those who are on a diet free of fat. By being versatile, you can consume it in many ways.

    Recommended use: recommended for people seeking to go on a healthy diet. Shake before drinking. It can be consumed as it is, directly from the container, cold or hot. It can also be used as a base for recipes, such as desserts or as an accompaniment to cereal and other foods.

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