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Rice Cakes with Multicereal - 200g

Thanks to this food supplement you can count on the best product in the market: the rice pancakes with multicereal are the crunchiest and tastiest to get fun when it comes to taste a food that keeps us up to the highest level, rice and cereal, two in one. With these rice pancakes with multicereal, we will enjoy the whole rice grain that preserves all its nutrients.

    Rice Cakes with Multicereal are the perfect supplement for your diet.

    Have fun with the crunchiness of these delicious pancakes. You can eat them on its own or accompanied because their delicious flavour will make you feel that you do not need anything else to add, because you get everything in one product.

    Easy to prepare, easy to carry, easy to taste and with everything necessary to be able to provide your body with nutrients. Here we can find the nutrients and the combination of flavours that rice and cereal gives you in a single product. Tasty and nutritious, to enjoy at any time of the day alone or with the whole family. You will get a unique product because they are crunchy and tasty, full of many nutrients and very good taste that you will love. Combine them with treats like candies, because they fit into the widest range of flavours you can ever imagine. Heat them in the oven and enjoy that delicious texture, like freshly made. But if you want them cold, you can also enjoy them without any problem at any time of the day.

    These pancakes will provide your body with proteins, fibers and carbohydrates, in addition to combine all these nutrients with the most delicious taste that your demanding palate will love. Your children will thank you for offering them such delicious and high quality food supplement. Feel good at any time of day, satisfied at all times with these fabulous rice pancakes with multicereal. Say goodbye to those "empty" snacks at certain times of the day. Eat it any way! Cold, hot; with accompaniment of sweet or savoury products; on its own or accompanied.

    A whole explosion of flavours for a single price; cereal and rice, all in one. Give your family and your palate the richest and crunchiest of the market at all times, they will be grateful for an eternity, and if possible, for much more. Taste, nutrition and fun without schedules and dates on the calendar, this and much more is offered by this succulent food supplement.

    Facts of Rice Cakes with Multicereal

    • Made with whole grain rice (not flour) protecting its nutrients.
    • Very nutritious due to its high content of cereals such as spelled, buckwheat and millet, which make these pancakes a good supplement to your diet.
    • Product made with the ecological manufacturing method.

    Do not let them tell it to you! Buy this high quality product as soon as possible, wherever you and your family is.

    Recommended use: for greater enjoyment, keep these delicious pancakes in a cool, dry place. Once the product is opened, for its best preservation, keep it in a container tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.

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