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Unsalted Rice Cakes - 200g

Unsalted Rice Cakes from Biocop is an option for those who want to eat in a healthy and natural way. These are delicious and crunchy rice pancakes, perfect as a snack. It can be said that the grains used are 100% natural, obtained from organic farming. They can be eaten on their own or with sweet or savory ingredients.

    Unsalted Rice Cakes from Biocop

    Unsalted Rice Cakes from Biocop is one of the best options to accompany a diet low in fat and calories. It is a container with crunchy, delicious pancakes, made with whole grain rice (not with flour) and perfect for vegans.

    It is important to indicate that the rice used is biological, with certificate of cultivation free of pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. It is an ideal supplement to any meal, especially as an appetizer or snack. It is completely unsalted and natural. It is a healthy and nutritious food, as it provides a good amount of protein and dietary fiber. It is an ideal substitute for bread, fried foods and other supplements that could generate some type of obesity. Also, it can be consumed on its own or combined with both sweet and savory snacks. Likewise, they can be heated in the oven to get a texture like freshly made. Undoubtedly, Unsalted Rice Cakes from Biocop is perfect for those who want to eat healthily, naturally and savoring an exquisite taste in their meals.

    Vegetarians and vegans always look for different alternatives for their nutrition. One of the recurring options are corn pancakes. These are made with rice grains that are roasted at a fairly high temperature, which causes the rice to inflate, lose its hardness and gain a crunchy texture. To this is added that when combined in a pancake format, they gain an excellent presentation. They are perfect for spreading, as a snack or supplement to any diet when a healthy diet is aspired to be on, as well as for any healthy and natural diet. It should be added that these pancakes are made with grains grown only through organic farming. Therefore, they are 100% natural and healthy. In addition, their neutral taste does not compete with other ingredients, so they are easy to combine with various recipes.

    Facts of Unsalted Rice Cakes from Biocop

    • Delicious and crunchy rice pancakes, perfect as a snack
    • Does not contain salt or additives
    • Made with rice grains, not with flours
    • Perfect to eat on its own or with sweet or savory accompaniments
    • Made only with organic rice

    Thanks to this product people have an excellent food, which is ideal for vegans or vegetarians. In any case, anyone can taste these pancakes, as they are extremely delicious, as well as as nutritious as they are natural.

    Recommended use: ideal to eat at any time. They can be eaten on their own or combined in both sweet and savory food. They can be heated in the oven to get a texture like freshly made. They should always be kept in a cool and dry place.

    Questions and answers
    Contienen gluten o trazas del mismo? Gracias.
    2018-09-12 18:54:21 Mercedes López
    Hola no lo indica, solo indica Trazas : Sésamo y prod. a base de sésamo. Un saludo
    2018-09-13 09:55:31 Beltran
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    ¿Cuales son los valores nutricionales?
    2018-08-27 13:10:23 Álvaro Maldonado Gámez
    Hola le dejo los valores: Análisis nutricional por 100g de producto Valor energético 1660 kJ/395 kcal Grasas 3,3 g Acidos grasos saturados 0,9 g Hidratos de carbono 81,2 g Azúcares 0,7 g Fibra alimentaria 3,8 g Proteínas 8,3 g Sal 0,07 g
    2018-08-28 09:57:15 Beltran
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