Crunchy and delicious rice cakes with sesame produced by Biocop for you. The vital nutrients of whole-grain rice instead flours, which makes this product more nutritious and healthier. Moreover, it comes in a comfortable and versatile container. This product made by Biocop is ideal as an appetizer to take anywhere.

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    Rice Cakes with Sesame from Biocop: healthy snacks for any time.

    Delicious rice cakes made by Biocop, packed and ready to take anywhere. These whole-grain rice cakes are completely rice healthy, being a food ideal to enjoy a mouth-watering snack both at home or outdoors. Now with a delicious taste of sesame, Biocop brings to your hands the nutrients of the best cereal in the world.

    Rice is a cereal regarded as basic in the nutrition of diverse cultures. In asia, this cereal is a popular and very versatile food, being a staple for a good dinner or a comfortable container to go to work. Moreover, the rice is the most important cereal in human nutrition and its consumption produces an effective caloric contribution. That is why, Biocop provides our demanding palates with delicious and crunchy rice cakes, ready to take anywhere.

    Biocop with over 40 years in the market has exceeded the expectations in its vision of changing the current food pattern, with healthy but delicious products that we can eat without worrying about losing the progress we have made in our diet or training. These rice cakes are not only crunchy and tasty, but also are a healthy appetizer made of whole-grain rice instead of rice flours, which retains much better its nutrients, bringing a better contribution to your body. Additionally, this product comes in a comfortable and simple pack and in large size that pay off more than their counterparts in the market.

    These rice cakes with sesame are also ideal for a delicious snack that kids love, which can be combine with sweet or salty appetizers, or baked for a crunchier texture as if freshly made. Lastly, it is simply a versatile product that will put your imagination to the test.

    Facts of Rice Cakes with Sesame from Biocop

    • Healthy and light.
    • Can be eaten at any time.
    • Easy to carry and store.
    • Easily preserved.
    • Delicious and crunchy.
    • Can be accompanied with anything.
    • Nutritious.

    With over 40 years of experience in the market, Biocop produces and distributes products of the highest quality. Nutritious biological products with delicious flavours, inspiring each day the general public towards a change in the nutrition patterns of today, and these rice cakes with sesame are not the exception, taste their exquisite flavour and join the Biocop family, and remember … Health is life!

    Recommended use: as a healthy appetizer, eat them at any time of the day. Can be accompanied or spread to taste. Keep in a cool and dry place.

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