Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop is delicious and tasty snack you will love. This has been created with rice, sesame, milk, brown sugar, and cocoa butter, ingredients combined to make a healthy snack perfect for taking delight in eating something delicious. Ideal for tasty breakfasts, collations and snacks.

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    ¡Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop is the healthy and delicious snack you were hoping for! Taste its unmistakable flavor!

    Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop is a snack perfect to eat at breakfast, snacks between meals or collations, nutritious really delicious.

    These cakes have been made with whole grain rice that has many nutrients and vitamins. It gets its delicious taste from a combination of brown sugar, low-fat natural yogurt, powdered milk and cocoa butter. These ingredients give it an amazing taste with a low level of calories. The benefit of this snack is that it provides the organism with fiber, which boosts satiety and offers the best choice for eating healthily. It is easy to eat, so you can take it anywhere in a practical way.

    What you eat between meals can make the difference between success and failure in your diet. You must eat healthily and try to do it in a balanced way, which is not always easy. Resorting to any snack found at a market is a risk you do not want to run if you are really committed to achieve your goals. Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop is really tasty and does not compromise your goals. It can be eaten easily and you can take it in your purse to eat when you are out of your house. Instead of eating fattening foods, you must give it a try to these cakes, which are very healthy and taste really good.

    Take advantage of this snack so practical for breakfast, snack or eat between meals. Cope better with those hours in the office by eating these cakes instead of resorting to baked products that use traditional flours, which are fattening. This excellent cakes provide your body with fiber and with vitamins very positive for your health. Enjoy this snack that will satisfy your appetite effectively. Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop has a magnificent taste drawn from ingredients which make it sweet, but without promoting the accumulation of fat in the body. Satisfy your craving for a delicacy wherever you want and when you feel like it.

    Facts of Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop

    • It provides fiber and vitamins.
    • Its taste is sweet and delicious.
    • These cakes are sweetened with nutritious ingredients.
    • It is easy to take anywhere.

    Yogurt-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop is an amazing snack you should not ignore. It consists of crunchy and light cakes with a surprisingly delicious taste. Recover your vitality easily after a demanding training by eating these cakes rich in fibers and numerous nutrients. Have them close to eat healthily between meals or snack if you are out of home for many hours.

    Recommended use: to accompany meals, snacks, breakfasts and collations. Keep in a fresh and dry place.

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