Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate - 100g

Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate from Biocop is ideal to be eaten at snack time to have the pleasure of eating delicious and crunchy rice cakes coated with the most exquisite milk chocolate and take delight in its taste.

Rice cakes covered with milk chocolate - 100g

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    Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate from Biocop, time to snack!

    Very easy to move and take with you anywhere you want, Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate from Biocop provides nutrients and minerals needed to maintain your energy levels high at all times. It is a delicious, healthy and easy to digest snack.

    A delicacy that has been created to give the change of tasting a strong combination of succulent flavors that you can anywhere, for example, to enjoy a beautiful sunset in a park, while you study or in your spare time at work, you can eat them on their own or accompanied with a cup of tea, coffee, with a glass of milk, cold or hot. You have a lot of options to choose from thanks to the versatility of Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate from Biocop to be tasted anytime and anywhere.

    Thanks to its made of whole grain rice, combined with the delicious taste of chocolate, you will fall in love with its sweet taste as you bite the crunchiest texture, you can find all in one product, and take it with you wherever you go and at excellent price. Give your kids, family and friends, the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant moment full of strong flavors that will make the lunch or snack time into something great.

    Feed your body with a product rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients that only this combination of milk and cocoa can provide you. The benefits to your body will not take long to be noticed!

    Still hungry and not satisfied? then, what are you waiting for? Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate from Biocop are ideal to fill that emptiness you feel in your stomach, your body will thank you. Let your palate and that of your loved ones to have a great time eating this succulent product that will make you experience a chain reaction of incredible flavours arrange in a thorough and creative form.

    Facts of Rice Cakes Coated With Milk Chocolate from Biocop.

    • Made of whole grain rice to enjoy a deliciously crunchy texture.
    • Provides nutrients necessary for our body such as calcium and antioxidants.
    • It is a product light and easy to take anywhere and eat at any time.
    • Its ingrendients come from ecological farming.

    Forget those products that are heavy and only make feel tired and uncomfortable, on the contrary, this product is light and you can take it anywhere at an excellent price, not only you will feel that lightness physically, but your wallet also will feel it too. A world of surprises awaits inside a small wrapper. Buy it now!

    Recommended use: perfect for the snack time. Once open, keep it in a place dry and cool placefor its best preservation. We recommend to keep this product kept in a tightly closed container.

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