Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop are an amazing alternative you could consider to supplement your diet in a wise and efficient form. These cakes, in addition to be nutritious and rich, are also easy to take anywhere. Food supplements do not have require time or place to be tasted, especially the one described herein.

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    Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop are the favorite snack of anyone who likes to delicious sweets, but also healthy.

    It is very likely that during the day you feel like taking a break to nibble something delicious and light. Well, herein we introduce Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop, a snack more than ideal for keeping your cravings at bay.

    Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop is an absolutely delicious alternative to not-so-healthy products. They are ring-shaped pancakes coated with exquisite carob covering. The best supplement to substitute chocolate and the sweet your life in a healthier way. If you want to have a delicious and healthy snack available in your workplace or in the university, do not hesitate and take these rice cakes with you. Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop are the best option if you want to eat something light, but without neglecting its flavor. Likewise, if you like to eat a different supplement between snacks, you can always take advantage of them and spread on it another ingredient of your preference. Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop are also the best choice for supplementing the diet of your children.

    Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop are a healthy, exquisite and light food supplement. Therefore, they are also ideal for those people who follow a strict diet to the letter. These cakes are low in fat and can be your lifesaving snack when you want to eat something other than vegetables and fruit. If you want to vary your food, choose Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop. Not only you will be surprised by its mouth-watering flavor, but also with its excellent price. Take the opportunity to try rice cakes made in a completely different way. The carob coating offers a better version of this supplement.

    However, these rice cakes coated with carob are considered one of the cheapest pancakes on the market. Therefore, enjoying the delicious Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop and taking advantage of their benefits will be more like a present than a product you buy.

    Facts of Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop

    • They are delicious and crunchy rice cakes coated with carob.
    • They do not contain sugars added.
    • The ingredients used come from ecological farming.
    • They contain milk and soy.
    • This is a quality product that preserves all its nutrients.

    Carob-coated Rice Cakes from Biocop have been created to please your palate, those of your family and all your relatives. Do not hesitate to buy this incredible mixture of rice cakes and carob. An ideal alternative to chocolate and delight in its fantasy exquisiteness.

    Recommended use: always keep in fresh and completely dry spaces. Once the wrapper is open, close it tightly to avoid the deterioration of the cakes.

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