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Rice Cakes - 200g

Rice Cakes from Biocop is a food made with whole grain brown rice, which retains all its important nutrients and a pinch of sea salt, which accentuates the natural flavor of these delicious cakes. Ideal substitute for bread and rich in fibers, so your snacks will not be the same with these cakes.

    Rice Cakes from Biocop is made with 100% organic brown rice

    Rice is an extremely important cereal in the current culinary world, the seed of the Oryza sativa plant is the most produced cereal in the world, part of the Asian culture. Given the nutritional attributes and popularity of this wonderful cereal, a wide variety of dishes have been created, including a light and unique snack, such as Rice Pancakes.

    Rice Cakes from Biocop are cakes made only with 100% whole grain organic brown rice, not rice flour, so that the natural nutrients of this wonderful cereal are better preserved such as the large amount of fiber and has a satiating effect, besides it is a good source of carbohydrates, helping to recharge energy quickly for those who practice sports, so that these wonderful rice cakes are a nutritious alternative to bread and with many fewer calories than this. In addition to whole grain brown rice, Rice Cakes from Biocop contains sea salt, which helps accentuate the delicious flavor of cakes. Rice Cakes from Biocop is a product made with ingredients from organic and natural crops, free of preservatives, flavorings or artificial additives that may damage the quality, texture or taste of the product. This product holds the Belgian CERTISYS certification of Organic Farming.

    Facts of Rice Cakes from Biocop

    • Made with 100% organic and natural brown rice.
    • Completely free of preservatives, flavorings or artificial additives.
    • Ideal for snacks at any time of the day.
    • Light food and very rich in fiber.
    • Satiating effect.
    • Belgian Certificate CERTISYS of Organic Farming.
    • Attractive pack, delicious natural flavor and unique texture.

    Rice Cakes from Biocop are ideal for all those people who want a light snack, rich in fiber and also versatile at mealtime, can be added or combined with different types of foods be they salty or sweet, plus they can be heated in the oven, getting a unique texture and aroma, as if they were freshly made. Ideal as a substitute for common white bread. Your snacks will not be the same with Rice Cakes from Biocop. It is ideal for all those people who want a snack in practical pack and easy to digest.

    Recommended Use: you can eat it at any time, on its own or with other sweet or savory foods. They can be heated in the oven to get a unique texture like freshly made. Keep in a cool, dry place. Once the product is opened, for its best preservation, keep in a closed container.

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