Eating healthy meals full of excellent nutritional properties are very important to lead the best lifestyle. A goal you can reach with Red Lentils, as it is a product rich in beneficial properties thanks to its origin.

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In Red Lentil from Biocop, you have in one product more than a culinary option.

Thanks to Red Lentil from Biocop is very simple to please the entire family. A dish that in addition to be tasty, it is also super easy to prepare. This is a wonderful product that can be prepare at home, and even you do not need much experience in the kitchen. Red Lentil from Biocop is made of 100% ecological ingredients. There is nothing more splendid than taking delight in eating a delicacy that also be healthy.

There are very few products that include all the elements essential for the best growth. But this undoubtedly one of them. With Red Lentil from Biocop you receive all proteins, vitamins and minerals you might need. It is even better than traditional lentils.

In addition to be able to consume these lentils as usual, thanks to its production process, you can also use it to prepare other dishes and show off your culinary skills. Mashed lentils, for example, is one of the many dishes you can prepare with red lentils. Acquire this incredible product rich in proteins and do not hesitate to make the most out of it. This is a very versatile option for recreating and innovating in the preparation other dishes with the same flavor, but with different aspect. If you are in favor of changes, red lentils could be just right for you.

Moreover, you can also prepare creams, burgers, croquettes and even dumplings. Learn to get the most out of food, especially with the taste given by red lentils. Certainly, Red Lentil from Biocop is one of the products most recommended for children due to all the properties it brings for us. Besides, you can prepare a lot of dishes with it, children at home will never have enough of it. With red lentils your children can become aware of the importance of a balanced and healthy diet. Your family will thank you for giving the opportunity of tasting exquisite dishes prepared with this delicious and healthy product.

Facts of Red Lentil from Biocop

  • It is made of ecological ingredients.
  • It is high in vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • It is ideal to be consumed by children, especially during their growth.
  • It may contain traces of gluten, sesame and soy.

Thanks to the product Red Lentil from Biocop, you have the possibility of making succulent and extraordinary recipes, which will cause a positive change in the way we eat at home. Make traditional lentils or prepare the best mashed lentils. You decide the best choice for your loved ones.

Recommended use: unlike conventional lentils, the delicious red lentils do not need to be soaked before being prepared. In fact, it is enough to put them in cold water for one minute to proceed to its cooking. After this, use your favorite pot with a sufficient depth to cook the lentils during 15 minutes.

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