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Red Cabbage Luna e Terra - 340g

Red Cabbage Luna e Terra from Biocop are delicious and natural canned beets, presented in slices to eat on their own, add to garnishes, salads or any other dish and taste an exquisite delicacy. They have been made with the best organic farming, so they are very healthy for our body.

    Red Cabbage Luna e Terra from Biocop: delicious and very healthy canned beets to taste the best delicacy.

    Red Cabbage Luna e Terra from Biocop are some delicious preserved natural beets presented in slices to eat own their own, as garnish, in salads or add to any other dish. A positive aspect is that vinegar, honey, onion powder and black pepper have been added, which give it a particular and very special taste. In addition, they have a very soft and soft texture, perfect to taste an exquisite delicacy.

    As we might know, beet is an incredibly versatile vegetable in the kitchen because it can be consumed in different ways, accompanied by many dishes and prepared exquisitely to taste. The good news is that Biocop always thinks of our needs and enjoyment, that is why it brings to our comfort the best preserved Red Cabbage Luna e Terra, in slices and dipped in vinegar, honey, onion powder and black pepper to eat them on their own when we fancy, in side dishes, in salads or any other recipe of our preference. Best of all, they have an exquisitely soft and smooth texture, so without a doubt these delicious canned beets add an matchless touch to our palate.

    One of the main advantages of this product is that it is not like any other product based on canned beets, on the contrary, they were made from the best organic farming, so they are positioned as one of the healthiest and most natural preserves in the market. In addition, by being prepared in this ecological way, it preserves its vegetable nutritional value intact, being thus a product rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal to supplement a balanced and superbly healthy diet. As for its flavor, we can eat them without any limit since they are free of refined sugars and fats, it short, they are a canned product to accompany our meals. Even, thanks to its natural and healthy origin can be consumed by athletes, vegans, vegetarians or anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle.

    Facts of Red Cabbage Luna e Terra from Biocop

    • Canned beets presented in slices
    • Soft and very soft texture
    • Coated in vinegar, honey, onion and black pepper
    • Exquisite taste
    • Supplements a healthy and balanced diet
    • Ingredients from the best organic farming

    Anyone who wants an extra taste in their meals and also very healthy, must undoubtedly incorporate some slices of Red Cabbage Luna e Terra from Biocop into the recipes, the final touch will be full of enjoyment, pleasure and a unique delicious flavor.

    Recommended use: preserved beets ready to add to any other dish, to eat on their own, in side dishes or salads. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator.

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