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Real Quinoa Flakes - 250 g

Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop is an incredible cereal if you want to fill your mornings with flavor and energy. The best choice of all to enrich your healthy consumption during the day. It is a highly flexible food supplement, which can be eaten as is or accompanied with milk, juice or any drinks of your choice. These quinoa flakes offer the most tender texture to delight your palate. In addition, they are very rich in proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

    Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop: the most exquisite way of being able to taste quinoa and take advantage of its magnificent properties.

    Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop stands out, especially, for its flavor and nutritional values.

    Quinoa is a vital and essential food that will work wonders in your body. It is a very rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. In addition, thanks to its organic origin, it retains its properties intact. It is a cereal to brighten up mornings, but it can always be better, to that end, accompany it with any vegetable drink of your choice. Thanks to this food, you will get the most nutritious and delicious breakfasts ever.

    Thanks to the delicious Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop, you can now extend the timespan between meals. This product not only enriches your intake with incredible nutritional contributions, as it also curbs your appetite thanks to its satiating effects. Therefore, it is ideal to incorporate in the most rigorous diets and maintain or lose weight, according to what you are looking for.

    These delicious quinoa flakes have nutritional values essential ​​to reach a harmonious and healthy body. It is a mixture rich in vegetable proteins and has a flavor to enjoy in the morning or during the rest of the day. Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop has a texture perfect to make any recipes you have in mind. You can accompany it with yoghurts, milk, vegetable drinks and even to prepare creams or broth. It is a very healthy product to optimize your diet with flavors and textures that will give a lot of pleasure to your palate.

    Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop has been made in a 100% natural and ecological way. Therefore, it is free of preservatives and colorings. It is a food that comes exclusively from organic farming and is excellent if you do not want to resort so easily to other cereals. It is a premium product made with ingredients selected very carefully.

    Facts of Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop:

    • Delicious quinoa flakes.
    • Has a tender and soft texture.
    • A product ready to serve.
    • From organic farming.
    • Rich in vitamins, fiber, proteins and minerals.
    • May contain traces of gluten, sesame and soy.
    • Constitutes an incredible source of energy.

    Quinoa Real Flakes from Biocop is a unique product to enjoy at breakfast or snack time. Thanks to this food supplement, your meals will have all the nutritional benefits that your body needs. It is a food designed for the general public, therefore anybody can enrich their healthy diet. This delicious cereal in flakes leaves in your mouth a sensation from another world.

    Recommended use: a cereal that you can enjoy in the morning or in the course of the afternoon. These quinoa flakes will be your favorite food, even more if accompanied with milk, yogurt, creams, broth and even vegetable drinks. Ideal to been eaten as is as well.

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