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Royal Quinoa - 250 g

Royal Quinoa from Biocop is a superfood native to Bolivia that you can use in your kitchen in order to get excellent benefits. Enjoy tasty meals by using this pseudocereal which has a smooth, tender and very pleasant texture. Take advantage of its richness in vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is perfect to supplement the diet of vegetarians and people suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

    Royal Quinoa from Biocop is an incredible and delicious food. What do you expect to enjoy its mild flavor and wonderful texture?

    Royal Quinoa from Biocop is an excellent and tasty pseudocereal, with which you can prepare a whole new range of recipes. Its smooth and tender texture offers important nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, riboflavin and thiamine.

    Thanks to the fact that it does not contain gluten, it is suitable for an effective digestion. It also has the great advantage that it does not make you put on weight and that it also reduces the desire to eat. Therefore it is good to incorporate into nutritional plans. It is a food with which you can make numerous meals of great flavor and with an excellent nutritional value.

    Royal Quinoa from Biocop is a product excellent for those who practice physical activities. Its composition provides energy and also contributes elements involved in cell reconstruction. Therefore, by consuming it, you will have the vitality necessary for a really intense and demanding training. You will also get all the necessary nutrients to gain muscle mass. And the best thing is that it combines very well with different ingredients and products, resulting in delicious and very appetizing foods. It is also an excellent option to meet vitamin deficiencies. It is perfect for making food for babies, thanks to its soft and tender texture, and its very pleasant taste.

    Find all the possibilities to benefit from the virtues of Royal Quinoa from Biocop. It has a wonderful flavor combined with pan-fried vegetables and chicken. You could also cook it in a wok with eggplants cut into cubes. You can also make sweet desserts and treats, such as quinoa, apple and nut cookies. Added to this, you can use quinoa to make a cake a much more food. You can even make an exquisite low-calorie quinoa pudding. And what about a quinoa salad to accompany some delicious pork ribs. Or maybe, you should try it mixed with assorted vegetables, and melted goat cheese.

    Facts of Royal Quinoa from Biocop

    • Royal quinoa from organic farming.
    • Provides numerous vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins.
    • Excellent to provide energy and to gain muscle mass.
    • Low in calories.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Can be easily used in all types of dishes.

    Royal Quinoa from Biocop is a complete and delicious food that you should include in your meals. Take advantage of its richness in nutrients to improve your quality of nutrition and to enjoy new and very tasty dishes. It is excellent for those who play sports and a complete food source for vegans, and to meet vitamin needs. It is ideal for the nutrition of your whole family.

    Recommended use: add 2 parts of water per 1 of quinoa in a pot. Boil over low heat for about 20 minutes.

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