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Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel - 500 g

Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop is a whole cane sugar produced in an homemade-like and unrefined way. The natural elements of sugar remain largely intact during manufacture. It comes from a project that unites organic agriculture and fair trade.

    Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop will be your best option when it comes to sweeten your desserts and recipes, you will verify their incredible properties.

    Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop is the sugar that is produced in the first crystallization of the cane and, in this phase, contains more molasses, that is, more minerals than in prior phases. The main difference between whole and white sugar is that it does not go through the refining process and therefore retains its nutritional properties. Its color is darker due to the molasses and its consistency is sticky. Whole sugar is often confused with blond or brown sugar, but they are not the same. These are of lower quality, since they contain a lot of impurities and also, they do not have nutrients. It is the cane juice evaporated by heating, so that it retains the minerals, trace elements and vitamins of the sugar cane and we can consider it as a wholefood.

    Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop should be our best choice to incorporate into the diet instead of white sugar as much as possible. The vitamin A contained in Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop helps with the formation and maintenance of teeth, bones and skin. It also contains beta carotenes, which act as antioxidants and rejuvenate cells. Calcium is a mineral that is part of its composition. It is also convenient in cases of stress, as it helps to reduce its effects. In addition to this, it has diuretic properties that help to decompress the edema and prevent the accumulation of liquids.

    Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop is a food that provides energy for immediate use because it is a simple carbohydrate. Due to their fiber content, it does not abruptly increase the glycemic index, which is the amount of glucose in plasma, that is, it produces an increase in blood sugar, but more progressive compared to refined or white sugar. An important detail is that Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop is a rich source of alkaline mineral salts that help to alkalize our PH, which is healthy for our health since we all tend to have too high acidic blood pH.

    Facts of Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Provides energy for immediate use because it is a simple carbohydrate.
    • Comes from organic farming.
    • Improves the evacuation rhythm due to its high fiber content.
    • Ideal to sweeten your desserts.

    Rapadura Sugar Rapunzel from Biocop, in addition to being healthy, has a vanilla flavor, which is delicious and quite moist, that makes it perfect for different types of preparations.

    Recommended use: to sweeten your recipes and keep your body much healthier.

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