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4 Cereals Mix Werz - 200g

4 Cereals Mix Werz from Biocop is a perfect supplement for those who are on gluten-free diets. It is made with four excellent ingredients: rice, corn, millet and buckwheat. In this way, you can go on a balanced diet, rich in proteins, mineral fibers and various vitamins. With this product, baked goods can be made.

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    4 Cereals Mix Werz from Biocop

    4 Cereals Mix Werz from Biocop provides people with an excellent ingredient for the daily diet. Its main advantage is that it offers the possibility of having a very versatile flour, which is made from 4 fantastic cereals: rice, corn, millet and buckwheat.

    This product is ready for use. It should only be mixed with water to obtain a perfect dough to make baked products in the oven. It is also perfect to be used to fill. In addition, it has a great advantage: it is completely gluten free. In that way, it can be used by people intolerant to it and with individuals who do not consume this protein for various reasons. Likewise, it has a certificate that guarantees that its ingredients are 100% natural. To all this we add that the nutritional values of the four cereals used are very high, good for health and perfect for a stable metabolism. For all these reasons, 4 Cereals Mix Werz from Biocop is ideal for all those who want to eat healthily.

    The four cereals present in this product are highly recognized. First, rice is well known for its input of B vitamins, as well as minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. As for corn, it is known to be a plant native to America, being rich in vitamins A, B and E. It has remarkable antioxidant qualities and is rich in both proteins and fibers. On the other hand, it happens that millet is very rich in protein and provides a lot of energy, being ideal to be consumed in the morning hours to have bodily vitality during the rest of the day. Finally, buckwheat is a plant native to Asia and can be used in the same way as conventional wheat, with the exception that it has gluten. It is rich in protein and also helps to give texture to the flour that is presented in this product.

    Facts of 4 Cereals Mix Werz from Biocop

    • Excellent product based on 4 cereals.
    • Includes: rice, corn, millet and buckwheat.
    • Does not contain traces of gluten.
    • Extremely nutritious and with the best quality on the market.
    • With an ecological certificate that guarantees 100% natural ingredients.
    • Excellent flour to prepare baked goods.
    • Easy to use: it should only be mixed with water or to fill.

    Thanks to this fantastic product you can prepare excellent breads and other gluten-free recipes. In addition, the combination of rice, corn, millet and buckwheat allows the body to have fibers and nutrients vital for daily health. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent option.

    Recommended use: perfect for use in a gluten-free kitchen. Ideal for filling. The content of the pack is suitable for the cooking of two 750 g wholemeal loaves of bread in automatic ovens. It is also very good for a large number of recipes. It should be kept protected in a dry and cool place.

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