Plum Compote from Biocop is a great product, perfect to combine with a delicious toast for your breakfast or to enjoy a delicious snack, these compotes are made with natural plums, ripe and fresh, which are cook over a slow heat to keep all the benefits of the fruit, its taste and its delicious smell of plum.

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    Plum Compote from Biocop, perfect for your snacks, enjoying the natural flavor of the plum and its benefits.

    Plum Compote from Biocop is a very delicious compote made from magnificent ripe plums coming from ecological farming, these delicious compotes are made in a traditional way by means of the accomplishment of a minimum cooking, in order to be able to obtain and guarantee all the flavor, smell and wonderful benefits that plum gives us, is a completely natural and very healthy product, which makes it perfect to be consumed by athletes, sportsmen, children and the elderly, among others. Plum Compote from Biocop does not contain gluten, wheat, or sugar, so this compote is sweetened with apple juice concentrate, in addition that this wonderful product can be used to sprinkle on toast, pancakes, to make cakes, cookies and much more, not forgetting that this delicious plum-flavored compote can be consumed by vegan and vegetarian people.

    Plum Compote from Biocop is an excellent product that has all the benefits that the wonderful fruit, plum, provides us. One of the great substances that plum gives us is vitamin C, since this fruit has a lot of this happy vitamin, another great benefit is that it stimulates the production of flavonoids, which helps combat free radicals ( which accelerate aging and cause harmful effects in the body), contains compounds such as fiber and sorbitol that help regulate the operation of the digestive system, which is why it is used to combat constipation, in addition to possessing a large number of vitamins (A, E and C) and minerals (potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium) that strengthen our body, have a laxative effect so it helps to facilitate digestion, contains B vitamins so it helps to improve the metabolism.

    Plum Compote from Biocop is a perfect compote, with an exquisite taste and perfect for the preparation of wonderful sweet dishes such as delicious cakes, cookies, sweet bread and much more, also is perfect to spread with this compote what you like, such as tortillas, pancakes, bread, crackers, among other delicacies. This great product is perfect for a delicious nutritious breakfast that you can share with your whole family, it is also perfect for making delicious and nutritious snacks for everyone, whether for children, youngsters, sportsmen, athletes and others.

    Facts of Plum Compote from Biocop

    • Delicious taste.
    • Easy to carry.
    • Easy to consume.
    • Contains milk, gluten, sesame.
    • Perfect for vegetarians.
    • Provides energy.
    • Perfect for sportsmen and athletes.
    • Contains nuts.

    When making delicious recipes with this wonderful Plum Compote from Biocop, remember that not only are you making delicious dishes for yourself and your whole family, remember that this compote offers you all the benefits of plum and not only enjoy its flavor, but also also of its great benefits.

    Recommended use: as an energy supplement, consume at any time of the day (either morning, before or after your activities).

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